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Press Release

Minneapolis Internet Marketing Consultant Offers Low Cost Website Audits

Minneapolis Internet Marketing Consultant (MIMC) announces a new website audit service for small businesses serving their immediate local community.

“Far too many small mom and pop businesses, local retailers and especially contractors have okay websites, that never get seen,” says Earl Netwal owner of MIMC. This is a problem for the small business owner who frequently have limited technical skills, knowledge and most seriously the time to learn about how more effectively promote their website.

This is a lost opportunity, for an effective website can drive significant new business that would otherwise go to a competitor who does have an effective site.

“Some businesses will invest heavily in getting a website built. Focusing on how it looks more than on how it works,” claims Earl. “Frankly that is a mistake. I’d rather a client have an ugly site that gets seen, than a beautiful site that never does.”

The website audit looks at 8 important elements of a website. This starts with a look at the site's “On Page SEO” characteristics. This includes looking at key elements that need to be seen on the site as well as in the background code that supports the site. “We often see simple errors here that are easily corrected and can make a big difference in the sites performance,” Earl says.

Next the audit looks at the sites overall General SEO characteristics. This looks at the site the way Google does and how Google is likely to evaluate the site's authority.

Then an important look at the Google My Business page and its status. “This is critical for the local business. A well-established Google My Business Page can generate a lot of new business at no additional cost. “We call it the 3 pack, and it is the single most cost effective way to get new customers online,” Earl states.

From there, the audit looks at the overall content of the site, the sites backlink profile, social media presence and then does a full citation audit to see where else the business appears online.

Some of this is technical, and some of it is just common sense, but all of it combines to create a solid overview of the sites current health and identifies where attention needs to be prioritized.

An audit takes anywhere from 7-10 days depending on the sites characteristics as well as the current volume of reports underway. Upon completion, Earl schedules an in person or phone presentation to clearly describe the results and suggest a plan of action.

The completed audit consists of 29 point audit which will pinpoint problem areas. What is good about the site and what needs improvement as well as any missing components. Ultimately it focuses on what it may take to get the site ranked in the Google 3 Pack in particular. The typical audit runs 6-7 pages long and specifically addresses the website and action steps can improve the site and win more new customers.

Earl Netwal, who does business as the Minneapolis Internet Marketing Consultant, has been making his living online since 1996. Now semi-retired at age 70, he still works daily on behalf of a small number of long-term clients. Over the years Earl has gained significant insights into what does and doesn’t work online. “It used to be that consultants would try to fool Google into ranking businesses. Today, proper search engine optimization is merely giving Google what it wants,” Earl explains. “That does involve jumping through some hoops and making an ongoing commitment to keep your site active. But when done properly, the investment required more than pays for itself with a steady flow of new customers.”

The website audit costs $149 and is backed with a money back guarantee. The audit is not intended for websites that market nationally or internationally or for shopping cart sites. It is also primarily intended for businesses with a single location. For more info go to


Contact Minneapolis Internet Marketing Consultant:

Earl Netwal
5344 36th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55417

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