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Bannersnack - Innovation In Collaborative Banner Design

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 11, 2018 / Ten years ago, the original banner maker made its appearance in the online world. Some might call them old. They, on the other hand, like to call themselves old enough to know what they're doing and striving for. A mix of successes and failures got Bannersnack to where they are today, playing an essential role in the professional online banner design stage. However, times have changed, and Bannersnack is now on a mission to revolutionize ad design in a team.

Banner making can be hard, especially when the process involves more than one person. Well, it used to be hard, at least. Bannersnack is aiming all their efforts into facilitating teamwork and management in banner design projects, striving for better and faster results. The methods implemented reproduce real-life communication scenarios, making meetings and back and forth feedback situations...totally unnecessary.

From Account Manager to Copywriter or Designer, team members are designated to a particular position. Thus, each assigned role has predefined permissions in the whole banner creation process. You can leave on the spot comments, give feedback and address final approval. This way, the cross between the creation, design and strategy team is fast forwarded and replicated entirely in a cloud-based banner ad design tool.

"Teamwork makes the dream work", that's what people say. By just opening up to this concept, Bannersnack started adding favorable team communication features, thus aiming for a faster workaround. The results didn't wait long to break through. Since the beginning of the year, the number of team subscriptions increased exponentially, validating once again that the need for a communication-oriented design tool is authentic.

The original banner maker empowers you with all the right tools to be able to design anything you want, no matter of your professional background. Working with an extensive number of clients in different workspaces, managing rich workload in brand libraries and generating multiple-sized banners at once are just a few of many other key aspects of Bannersnack.

"The fact that we were the very first ones on the market to provide both technical and non-technical people with a tool that allowed them to create high-quality animated visuals in a short amount of time means that we have a long history of successes and failures. All these allowed us to learn a lot from our own experience. We were able to explore, to test and to find out what works best for our users and what we need to do better for our potential users," says Gabriel Ciordas, CEO at Bannersnack.

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