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AI Crypto- Transforming Artificial Intelligence to a True Humanity Asset

COLLYER QUAY, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / October 10, 2018 / Artificial intelligence (AI) has been an object of desire and curiosity for many years. Organisations have been fascinated by the future potential of AI and often divested considerable amount of time on developing and innovating the various facets of AI. But as time passed by, it was soon realised that dwelling into the stunning possibilities of the Artificial Intelligence required a substantial infrastructure support that included hardware, high energy cost, and quite a large monetary investment.

Did that stop the further exploration of AI? No! It didn't. Instead, this shortcoming was exploited by a few large enterprises such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc. who with their existing infrastructural capabilities coupled with readily available large investments towards the same monopolised the AI sector. These large organisations with the power of their infrastructure and capital have controlled the AI sector to such an extent that entry of any small companies with better AI based technologies are virtually impossible in the prevalent market.

Blockchain has revolutionised the world industry in general with its decentralization mantra. And when you combine the power of blockchain with that of an organisation that has a vision of letting AI be a humanity asset rather than a personal tool in the hands of a monopolistic few, what you get is AI Crypto.

AI Crypto is an alliance of AI Researchers, Developers and start-up companies whose sole aim is to innovate stunning AI solutions through mutual cooperation and exchange just rewards in return. In a way, AI Crypto is the hub for AI enthusiasts who crave to innovate, develop and explore the limitless possibilities of AI through cooperation, transparency, reliability and with a fair reward system in place.

The practical difficulties faced in any AI researches are Expensive Hardware, difficulty in securing quality data, obstacles faced in developing and manifestation. AI crypto aims at an ecosystem that offers implementation of AI research through combined contribution of computing hardware (GPU), quality data for learning & analysis and models in which AI services can be incorporated.

AI Crypto's vision matches with that of blockchain in terms of censorship resistance, transparency, reliability, robustness, fraud resistance and interoperability all directed towards removing the centralisation attempt by the monopolistic behaviour of absolute control by the few dominating large enterprises. Hence, AI Crypto took it on themselves to create an impartial ecosystem that harnesses the true potential of AI services through a collaborative movement of like-minded individuals and organisations.

The AI Crypto platform is made of 3 segments with their respective functionality as listed below:

  • Computing Hardware (GPU): The purpose of GPU here is to convert their predominant functionality of mining purposes into more effective machine learning research purposes. Individual GPUs are connected to form a GPU network thereby contributing in reduction of huge energy costs.

  • Quality Data for research, learning and compensation: The AI Crypto platform aims at providing an environment which through collective contribution thrives on accumulation of quality data for AI research purposes, learning and compensate with suitable rewards at the same time.

  • AI Service: The ecosystem aims at providing quality AI algorithms and models to clients who can partake of the same through payments. The uniqueness of the platform allows voluntary participation by users thus making it a thriving ecosystem rather than a centralised one.

AI deep learning is the base for any futuristic technology and AI Crypto aims to develop on the same towards development of the AI based researches. With complete focus on reducing the computational power and calculation time, AI Crypto is keen on harnessing the potential of the Deep learning methodology through its 'multi-layer iterative calculations'. Using Deep learning, AI Crypto also aims to digitize AI data more efficiently through transport and storage.

'Crypto + AI Mining Solution'based on deep learning algorithm optimises the hash effect thereby giving miners revenue at a much faster rate and optimizing the overall mining efficiency.

AI crypto follows the principle of Proof of Value (PoV) where in coins are rewarded to contributors based on the values created through the rightful use of shared resources.

AI Crypto Coins AIC

Members of the ecosystem can access the 10 billion AIC coins to be circulated using Ethereum. The hard cap of the initial funding is set at 3 Billion AIC. About 30% of the AIC would be distributed through ICO.

The AIC would be distributed in the following manner:

  • Investor- 30%

  • Team- 25%

  • AI Ecosystem Incentive- 20%

  • Marketing- 15%

  • Advisor- 5%

  • Company Reserve- 5%

Of the collected proceeds, 42% would be spent on development, 25% towards operating expenses, 14% on marketing & accountancy, 11% for Business/Strategic expense with the remaining 8% towards company reserve.

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