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Press Release

Positive Singles Website Accepting New Registrations is a relatively new site for positive singles. The site has now recently announced that they are currently accepting new positive singles registration. The site offers an online dating platform for those who have been diagnosed with an STD.

A representative for the site says, "Our goal is to provide a better dating experience and we are pleased to welcome all positive singles to come and register. When you are positive for an STD, it can be very difficult to date. Our aim is to make it a bit easier by taking away some of the trepidation that positive singles feel when they enter the dating scene."

The company states that the site offers a private and secure positive singles log in and says that they are designed specifically for those who have tested positive for HIV, AIDS, herpes or any other STD. The company says that they want singles to feel more positive about dating, so they offer a secure site where they can meet like singles and begin talking, without worries of someone finding out that they are positive for a sexually transmitted disease and without having to worry about the best way or time to tell the person that they are dating that they have tested positive.

"Everyone on the site is a positive single," says the company representative. "You don't have to worry about telling your special someone that you are positive, because your special someone is positive, too."

The company says that they offer singles a warm and inviting community in which to connect with others. They state that those who register will instantly feel right at home and confident and comfortable talking with others on the site. The company representative says that it is a good chance for those who are positive to be themselves and meet others who share some of their same interests without the stigma of telling them about their positive diagnosis.

The site states that they are completely dedicated to the safety of their users. They state that all personal information for each registrant remains private until that person decides to share the information with someone else. The site is open to anyone who has tested positive for an STD.

Studies show that there are currently more than 100 million people in the United States who have been diagnosed with an STD. states that many of these people are single and their site is dedicated to helping them to better enjoy dating. According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 1.5 million cases of chlamydia were reported in 2017. About half of those cases involved women between 15 and 24 years of age. The CDC also says that they have seen a record number of diagnosis of STDs among men and women in their college years. says that they want to help these positive singles to regain the romance in their lives. The site states that just because someone has tested positive for an STD is no reason for them to give up on finding friendship or even love. Positive singles can join the site to talk with others who share their diagnosis or other STDs. The site states that they want these positive singles to know that a diagnosis is not the end of their lives. The site provides registration and online chat for positive singles, as well as a support group and a community of like minded individuals so that those who join have an entire community of friends.

The representative for says that anyone who has tested positive for an STD can join the site and that those who have questions or would like more information can visit the site to learn more. Only those who properly register will be permitted to enter into certain areas such as the community or profiles but there is information provided that can help to answer questions that one may have before registering. The company says that they also have an official Facebook page where positive singles can get more information. The site warns that there are a number of sites that claim to offer the same services, but says that many of these sites are set up to simply gain access to personal information and then share it with others. The company states that they take all necessary steps to ensure complete anonymity unless the registered user wants to share information. Those who are interested in joining the site can learn more about membership and other information by visiting them online.



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