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Press Release

CrowdForce Shows the Benefits of CrowdSourcing in Africa

Africa, as the third largest continent, has a population of approximately 1.256 million inhabitants, according to the UN census in 2017; spread over 54 different states. The census also shows values of approximately 2 billion people in Africa without a digital financial system, However, while the American, Asian and European markets are full of telephone services and banking institutions, Africa shows room for expansion in the telecommunications industry.

To date, the factor that prevents this growth is the lack of infrastructure, which means that it does not reach the entire population and it's difficult to collect data on the region's evolution. In this matter, the Crowdforce company surfaces to produce a dramatic shift using one of the most revolutionary technologies of recent years, the blockchain.

The Ultimate Blockchain Resource

The confidence of the African emerging market lies in local businesses and the cash flow. That’s why Oluwatomi Ayorinde and Oluwadamilola came together and combined their knowledge within the data industry, and applied that knowledge to their firm MobileForms Ltd., driving it to the next level of growth through on-chain entrepreneurship: CrowdForce.

The enterprise presents a unique opportunity in which the owners of these businesses that already have the support of their customers can create a new infrastructure through provided devices, blockchain network, and Apps. The main two divisions are:

Micro-services: A means to provide financial and digital services to remote communities: utility bills, cash in and cash out, account or wallet opening and crypto-fiat exchange alongside others.

• Micro-tasks: The addition of tools meant for the collection of reliable and verifiable data: market research and surveys, retail audits and census mystery shopping tasks, consumer insights, and others.

CrowdForce presents an original design for viability and profitability of services. By the use of the decentralized technology, companies will gather the necessary data to take hold in this emerging market, which in turn implies a revolutionary era for Africa.

In addition to a general data collection routine, CrowdForce offers technology companies, banking institutions, and trading projects the possibility of providing their services and generating new market branches in areas full of potential, previously ignored. The CrowdForce Mobile app will initially perform with the ERC20 platform and will later be transferred to the main platform. What the agents need to do to join the platform is:

• Sign-up on the CrowdForce platform.

• Inject liquidity into the wallet with CRF tokens.

• Apply micro tasks/services on the network.

• Receive settlements in bank accounts while the commission is being debited from the wallet.

The company provides a monitoring team that will travel to the area. Their tasks can be broken down into:

  1. Marketing: The launch of advertising campaigns for the brand or products.
  2. Research: Pricing control, impact on the market and advances of the competition.
  3. Devices: To make the information available, POS systems - connections between the hardware, the software, sellers and several banks or account issuers - and mobile applications are installed.
  4. Payments: Efficient and reliable payment services designed for companies that provide banking services and financial derivatives.

The Crowdsourcing Model

The platform can be summarized in a set of practical benefits for the joining agents, such as:

Decentralized Payment Method: By eliminating third-party agents, the platform offers an efficient and instant payment system solutions with the ability to reach any area.

Reducing Transaction Costs: , The crypto-ecosystem eliminates the traditional fees of intermediary institutions through a direct link between the platform and users.

Immutable Record: With distributed ledger features, the transactions will be recorded unaltered, available only for the user's monitoring.

Protection: With a reliable security framework, the data collected by the team will be distributed and replicated through the nodes of the network, accessible solely to the user to whom they belong.

CrowdForce is in fact, a pioneer in generating a genuine change for profitable emerging markets, even for areas of conflict or difficult access.

If you wish to participate in the project, The Public Presale has already started and is set to end on October 31, 2018; while the Token Sale will begin on November 12, 2018, ending on December 14, 2018.

Tokens can be purchased at

Media Contact
Company Name: CrowdForce
Contact Person: Kelechi John-Ogbuku
Email: Send Email
Phone: +1(747) 224-8551
Address:Quifas Inc, Suite 1, Second Floor, Sound & Vision House, Francis Rachel Street
City: Victoria
State: Mahe
Country: Seychelles

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