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Press Release

Commercial Real Estate Appraiser Announces 40 Years In Business

Minnesota Real Estate Appraisers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, recently announced that they have reached a milestone in their business. The commercial real estate appraisal company announced that they have just hit their 40th year in business. Minnesota Real Estate Appraisals are experienced appraisers that are court certified and can offer appraisals in complicated cases that will stand up in court if the need arises.

A spokesperson for the real estate appraisal company says, "The appraisal is the center around which all real estate aspects revolve around. It is crucial that you have an accurate real estate appraisal whether you are buying or selling your property."

The company, which can be visited at, provides commercial and residential real estate appraisals and states that they are court certified and experienced in providing appraisals that can hold up in court if there is ever a need for it. The company spokesperson states that they are coming up to their 40th year in the industry and are excited to share this milestone celebration with their customers, both past and present.

The company says that the appraisal is often the most important aspect of the real estate transaction process. For most transactions, nothing will happen until the appraisal report is signed and submitted, offering an official opinion of the property value.

"The appraiser has to remain completely unbiased," says the company representative. "An unbiased appraisal report is a must for real estate transactions. That's what we provide and it is what we have been providing our customers for the past 40 years."

The company says that they provide appraisals as quickly as possible and that customers can find out more about their specific services by visiting them online at The company's website offers more information about all of the services that they offer in addition to service areas and offers answers to frequently asked questions about the appraisal process.

A real estate appraisal is an opinion of the appraiser on the market value of a property for sale. Appraisers are required to go through education, testing and licensing requirements in order to be able to undertake their role as appraisers. Minnesota Real Estate Appraisers state that everyone working for them, all of their appraisers, are appropriately educated and continue to improve on that education as required by law in order to provide their customers with the best possible residential and commercial real estate appraisal services. Currently, licensed appraisers are required to take two years of education, which equates to more than 300 hours of learning, as well as 3,000 hours in the field in order to obtain certification. It is not a quick and simple process and the appraisal company says that they are proud to state that all of their appraisers have and continue to maintain the requirements for certification.

The company says that clients who are buying or selling a property have the legal right to request to see the credentials of the appraisal company. The company representative states that they will always be happy to show customers their credentials to help them feel at ease with their services. More on those services can be seen at

Appraisals are not home inspections. The job of a home inspector is to ensure that all systems in the home or commercial property are working properly. The company states that it is important that clients understand the differences in these two jobs and says that sellers who are placing their residential or commercial property for sale should take the time to create an inventory sheet of any improvements that have been made to the property within the last few years. the company spokesperson says that this can significantly help the appraiser to better do his or her job and to come up with a more accurate appraisal report.

The guidelines followed by lenders are not always easily understandable. The company states that clients can contact them to have any questions answered regarding the appraisal report or process. Many appraisers say that the variety of requirements that lenders may request with their appraisal reports can be staggering. Because of this, the company recommends that clients contact them to have any questions answered as quickly as they can before the appraisal report is provided.

The company states that they are proud to have served their clients over the past 40 years and say that they look forward to providing the same quality of services to clients in the future. Those interested in learning more about the company can do so by visiting them on their official website.


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