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General Michael Hayden, Former Head CIA And NSA, Gives Insightful Sara Corcoran-Hosted Interview On National Security, Trade And Intelligence

In what is without a doubt one of the most interesting eras in American history, Ms. Sara Corcoran, Publisher of the National Courts Monitor, secured an exclusive interview of General Michael Hayden, Former Head of the CIA and the NSA. The interview was published July 30th, 2018, on the Focus Washington website.

In what Ms. Corcoran described as “not enough time”, General Hayden offered valuable commentary on his areas of expertise, including, but not limited to, matters of national security, intelligence operations, and as the current developments with regards to US trade regulations, addressing each question with his characteristic objectivity and finesse.

The interview took place a few short days before the Special Counsel announced the indictment of 12 Russian Military Intelligence Officers for their participation in “hacking, theft and distribution of DNC, Clinton Campaign and DCCC networks”, and after General Hayden’s inclusion in President Trump’s “Enemies List”. As such, the aforementioned events make the interview a must-read, seeing as General Hayden is not only a prominent intelligence figure with a keen understanding of national security issues, but also yet another one of America’s public officials caught in the welter of publicity surrounding the Trump administration.

Speaking of the interview, Ms. Corcoran said “It was an honor to talk to General Hayden, who has dedicated his life and work in defense of the American interests. It is not often that a man of his caliber and expertise is willing to go on the record and share his views, seeing as the Trump administration has shown no qualms in targeting any current or former public servants that makes any sort of comment it deems as meancing.”

“Despite the fact that General Hayden prefers to not expand on theories, and rather adhere to facts without implicitly criticizing President Trump, he found himself in threat of losing his security clearance. My wish is for this interview is to illustrate how the capricious and often erratic decisions of the Trump administration can contribute to the President’s isolation, and, consequently, the jeopardy of America’s future.”

The full Sara Corcoran Sara Corcoran Focus Washington General Michael Hayden interview transcript can be read here.

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