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Press Release

BlockChain Campaign: New Political Funding Website Introduces Support for Cryptocurrency Contributions

September 18, 2018 - BlockChain Campaign is a newly launched political funding site that combines the Cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) and Campaign Finance. Founded in 2018, this site was created to help political parties leverage the crypto and blockchain market to accomplish various campaign driven projects that support political initiatives.

No matter where you come from, it is quite easy for you to understand that politics is a pretty big deal. So, when it comes to political campaigning, you cannot overrule the significance campaign financing holds to the candidates that are running for the election.

Now, it is the age of digitization and almost every sector of the industry is benefitting from crypto and blockchain related technologies. Despite this, a large number of politicians are still unaware of the innumerable benefits which cryptocurrency implementation holds. Slowly, the mainstream political campaigning is changing its course and adapting the new trends of funding to promote their candidature and interact with the common people and audience.

As a result of the mass adoption of crypto driven contributions, Blockchain Campaign has emerged to enable politicians to finance their campaigns through Ether – the world’s fastest growing and most useful cryptocurrency with a market cap in the tens of billions.

Blockchain Campaign is currently available for US based politicians and utilises smart contracts to ease compliance with campaign finance rules. In comparison to traditional campaign finance, BlockChain Campaign allows transactions to process instantaneously, which eliminates any unnecessary waiting or unforeseen delays. It is significantly more transparent as the legally required donor information cannot be altered once the donation is sent through. Lastly, anyone can track how much a candidate has raised in real time as opposed to only having this information weeks after elections have ended.

To join, simply request an invite after you visit the landing page and fill out your information. Afterwards, create an Ethereum address and sign up for a donation address. Next, you must create your donation webpage and promote your campaign to the public. After everything is set up, you can track your performance and keep a tab on your fundraising progress.

Blockchain Campaign looks promote transparent and easy political donations with the implementation of crypto and blockchain contributions.

For more information, please visit, or contact them at for any business related inquiries.

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Company Name: BlockChain Campaign
Contact Person: Mike Kirkendall
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Country: United States

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