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Press Release

Announcing Women’s Workforce Federation, the First U.S. Women’s Labor Union in over a Century

Fresno, CA - Marcus Asay, Chairman of World Workforce International, has announced the first women’s labor union in the United States in over a century, called Women's Workforce Federation (WOWFed). World Workforce International (WWI) is an international union and a federation of independent national unions across the United States of America and international unions. WWI believes in the dreams of people and acts as a promoter of economic strength and stability for working people everywhere.

“WWI is a protector and organizer of working people for better economic lives, safety, security, health, welfare, death, and other ancillary benefits,” says Asay. “And that certainly includes working women. We are delighted to make this announcement, and will do everything in our power to help achieve the goal of gender equity.”

As a non-profit union, Wowfed aims to be the uniting force of women in the workplace, ensuring their rights are protected while advocating for equal pay and opportunities for advancement, cultivating healthy relationships in organizations, and providing valuable resources.

Kanya Ellington, the president of Wowfed, believes that a women’s union in the U.S. is long overdue:

“In many work environments, there are women who are more qualified than men. Statistically they earn more college degrees. But the fact remains that women are sorely underrepresented at every level in the workforce. Yes, some progress is being made as organizations begin to commit to gender diversity. But to see real change, we need leadership and accountability, and that’s why the creation of Wowfed is a necessity.”

According to Ellington, part of the problem lies in the fact that almost 50% of men believe women are well represented in leadership in companies, whereas in fact only one in ten senior leaders is a woman.  Surprisingly, women in the U.S. are paid 20% less than men, and the pay gap widens at higher education levels as women move into executive and professional positions.

“We are the voice of women in the workforce,” adds Ellington. “We look forward to becoming a driving force in the movement towards a safe and fair labor union for everyone. Our goal is a future where all workers have a voice with fair wages, a safe workspace, access to affordable benefits that target women’s needs, education, family leave, and opportunities for advancement where it’s deserved.”

About Wowfed

On a mission to build up and empower women by advocating benefits, opportunity, and self-sufficiency for women in their workplaces and homes, Wowfed is a uniting force for women.

As a first step and a means to improve working conditions for women, Wowfed has introduced a Gender Equity Certification Program for businesses. Designed to educate employers on handling various issues that women face while making better business decisions, the program creates a win-win strategy for both the employer and the employee while addressing any blind spots when it comes to gender diversity. At the end of the certification, business owners are able to proudly display a Gender Equity seal at their place of business and on their website.

For more information about Wowfed, visit the website at

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