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Project Unbroken, a Site that Helps People Fight Drug Addiction and Improve Health, Has Almost 1,000 YouTube Subscribers

Project Unbroken was Founded by Greg and Matt, Two Former Heroin Users Who are Now Healthy, Happy and Successful

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 14, 2018 / Greg and Matt, two former heroin users who have beat their addictions and are now successful in all areas of life, are pleased to announce that their Project Unbroken movement is rapidly coming up on 1,000 subscribers on YouTube.

To learn more about Project Unbroken and how Greg and Matt are hoping that sharing their stories will help others fight drug addiction and improve health, please check out

As Greg and Matt noted in one of their videos on YouTube, prior to succumbing to heroin addiction, they were best friends in high school. Their addictions ruined their friendship for awhile, and they went their separate ways to find recovery.

Now that they are recovered and doing very well, Greg and Matt have reconciled and are once again close friends. They each learned what worked for them and what didn't in order to beat their addiction to heroin, and they are both very open about their past struggles.

"People can't believe that we came from heroin addition to where we are now," Greg said, adding that he and Matt are now successful business owners, proud fathers and are about to be married.

In order to help others who are battling addiction and inspire them to take control of their lives, Greg and Matt launched Project Unbroken. In addition to a website that features transcripts of their many videos, the duo is rapidly becoming a popular fixture on YouTube.

Greg and Matt are both thrilled that they are about to reach the impressive milestone of 1,000 subscribers, and as two people who went from the depth of heroin addition to finding success in all areas of life, they are eager to share their story with others.

"We will take you all the way from the bottom to the top," Greg said.

About Project Unbroken:

Project Unbroken is a movement that was started by former heroin addicts Greg and Matt. The two men are devoted to helping people overcome drug and alcohol addiction and rebuild their lives. They take people through their journey of drug and alcohol addiction to the successes they are experiencing in life today. Greg and Matt are now both business owners and are healthy and happy. For more information, please visit


Greg Or Matt
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