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KDDI & AKA Provides AKA MUSE API to KDDI IoT Cloud API Market

TOKYO, JAPAN / ACCESSWIRE / September 11, 2018 / AKA (Headquarters: Santa Monica, President: Raymond Jung, "AKA"), the developer of "MUSE", an AI communication engine, and KDDI (Headquarters: Chiyoda, Tokyo, President: Makoto Takahashi, "KDDI") have agreed to provide AKA AI engine APIs in the "KDDI IoT Cloud API Market", which is an API marketplace for B2B use operated by KDDI.

As part of its AI Software Business, AKA will be providing their "English Conversational Engine API" (including their NLP API and other 9 APIs) and "Vision Detection API" to the API Market. These APIs will enable developers in the marketplace to build apps (such as gaming apps) and robots that can interact through natural English conversations while maintaining visual detection capabilities.

Supporting human-like, natural conversations, AKA's English Conversational Engine API will enable all developers to release services in English language regions. Also, the API will unlock significant business potential in the inbound tourist market in Japan as the tourism industry grows leading up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics Games.

Future releases in the API Marketplace are under development and progress at AKA is being made to develop a "Japanese Conversation Engine API," an "Emotion Detection API," and a "Memory API."

Through this collaboration in the API Marketplace, AKA and KDDI will seek to lead an innovative group of developers and companies where AI-powered robots speak more like humans and closely assist enterprises and consumers.

About KDDI IoT Cloud API Market:

The "KDDI IoT Cloud API Market" is an IoT cloud API market platform which allows access and connection between API providers and customers who wish to develop new services in their business. Previously, development of new services was competitive as companies had to create their own APIs or build individual alliances with API providers. The "KDDI IoT Cloud API Market" can now provide a platform for a variety of API lineups.

About AKA:

AKA, headquartered in America, has been developing the AI engine "MUSE" for the past several years. Their Japanese branch was established in November 2015.

About "MUSE":

AKA's "MUSE" engine includes an artificial intelligence communication engine which enables it to think by itself and converse in natural English. The natural language processing technology of deep learning allows the system to automatically create phrases that are not programmed, creating a more life-like and natural communication process.

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Kevin Oimatsu


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