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Press Release

Kitchen Utensil Set Made From 100% Bamboo Launched By Sahe Products

Sahe Products, based in Irving, Texas, has announced that they have recently launched a bamboo kitchen ladle set. The company wants to emphasize that this kitchen ladle cooking set is eco-friendly because it is made 100% from natural bamboo and does not contain any toxic materials. This is in line with their goal of providing only the best and cost-efficient products that would do no harm to the environment. To ensure that this bamboo ladle set is environment-friendly, each item was hand carved from a solid piece of bamboo and a safe food oil was used in polishing it to minimize friction and damage to the ladle and to the pots and pans. Those interested in getting more information about this product can visit

H. Misra, a representative from Sahe Products, says: "Aside from being eco-friendly, this kitchen ladle set offers several distinct advantages. Because each ladle is entirely made from bamboo, the handle is always safe and comfortable to use. And since bamboo wood is a good insulator of heat, the handle will never get too hot. Thus, there is no way the user will get burned. It has also been tested to ensure that it can withstand high temperatures and that it will not crack nor get deformed."

And just like most kitchen ladles, each one has a hole at the handle for easy hanging, storage and access. As previously mentioned, only safe oil has been applied to the ladles. No adhesive or glue was used to ensure that no toxic chemical can be found in the set. It has been found to be suitable for cooking various kinds of meals, such as soups, casseroles, oatmeal sauces, and others. Sahe Products has also ensured that this kitchen ladle set is of commercial quality so that it can also be used in restaurants, catering businesses, food shops, and other similar establishments.

H. Misra hastens to add: "This kitchen ladle set is also an ideal gift for friends and relatives, especially those who love to cook a lot of delicious meals. They will surely appreciate that it is safe to use for cooking and that it is easy to clean."

Sahe Products is so sure that consumers will be satisfied with this ladle set that it provides a Money Back Guarantee. In the rare event that a consumer finds the set to be unsatisfactory, he or she can return it and a full refund will provided, no questions asked.

Meanwhile, the kitchen ladle set has already received some positive reviews even though it has just recently been launched. One customer who gave the product a five-star rating said: "... Strong and durable, it even has drain holes in the bottom of the holder, so you can let your utensils dry in the holder. A great gift for a newlywed couple, or anyone starting out. I can also see this as a great gift for the cook in your family." Another customer who gave the ladle set four stars, said: "This set of kitchen utensils is perfect for non stick coatings in pans. It is cute, small, easy to find counter space for, and easy to clean...."

One other bamboo product for the kitchen that was also recently released by Sahe Products is a bamboo cutting board. Made from the finest bamboo wood, this cutting board has two sides for cutting, chopping, dicing, mincing and more. And just like the bamboo kitchen ladles, this cutting board has also been designed to be durable and to last for years. It has also been proven to be so sturdy that it won't crack, bend, break, or splinter. One important advantage of this cutting board is that it won't damage knives, being made out of wood. Also, it prevents the growth of bacteria to ensure safety. It is 100% organic and therefore, also eco-friendly like the kitchen ladles.

Just like the bamboo ladles, the cutting board has already attracted some positive reviews despite being only recently released. One customer who gave it a five-star rating said: "... The cutting board is a great size for cutting small items. I like that this one has a handle so I can hang it up on a hook." Another customer gave the cutting board four stars and said: "Good size cutting board for a small family like mine. I like the material, size, and ease of cleaning the product...."

Sahe Products has been a leading seller of high quality kitchen products on Amazon for the past three years. Those interested in getting more information can visit the company website.


Contact Sahe Products:

H Misra
(800) 289-9563
524 santa fe trail irving,texas 75063

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