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Slush Shanghai 2018 – Creating a true venture capital feast

From September 7th to 8th , the largest venture capital conference in Europe landed in Shanghai. Slush Shanghai 2018 was held in Anting Shanghai Auto Exhibition Center...

From September 7th to 8th , the largest venture capital conference in Europe landed in Shanghai. Slush Shanghai 2018 was held in Anting Shanghai Auto Exhibition Center. The leaders who attended the opening ceremony on the 7th were Member of Jiading District stangding Committee、Deputy Governor of the District Mr.shen huadi,   Deputy Secretary of Anting town、Town Mayor Mr.Dong aihua,  Joint Sponsor of Tongji University、Vice President of Tongji University、Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering  Mr.WU zhiqiang,General Manager of Shanghai International Automobile City Corporation Mr.Chen gang.

In the Jiading District, which is the pillar industry of the automobile industry, the Slush Conference, one of the largest in the world, was held. The Jiading District People’s Government, Anting Town People’s Government and Shanghai International Automobile City (Group) Co., Ltd. gave strong support to this conference. Shen Huaxuan, member of the Standing Committee of Jiading District Party Committee and deputy head of the district, told reporters that the local government strongly supported the strategic significance of the Slush conference: “Slush is known as the coolest technology conference on the planet, and Jiading has always been known as the technology city. In order to make a strong effort, this conference focuses on the Internet of Things, smart cars, medical technology and other industries, which coincides with the four major industries that Jiading will focus on in the future. Our cooperation with Slush is not only for entrepreneurs, but to build a grand event with investors, and more importantly, we hope to rely on Slush’s international influence and global venture capital platform to promote outstanding high-tech entrepreneurs to settle in Jiading, and to inject new innovations into Jiading’s technological innovation and industrial optimization. Jiading has the ability and confidence to help entrepreneurs complete the "dream of entrepreneurship.”

This year’s Slush Conference lasted for two days. With the joint efforts of many parties, the number of participants was nearly 10,000, there were 1,000 start-ups, about 500 investment institutions, and 500 domestic and foreign media. The conference focused on the “Smart City, Future Travel, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Medical Technology” five-point high-tech industry, through keynote speeches, round-table discussions, high-tech start-ups, online matching and offline negotiations, etc. Building a global venture capital ecosystem in all aspects.

When talking about the theme of the conference, “Create the New Acceptance,” Ms. Wang Chen, CEO of Slush China, said: “The world we live in is undergoing earth-shaking changes every day, and technology is using unprecedented speed. It challenges our past cognitive boundaries. Innovation is no longer a unilateral technological innovation - the realization of innovation is cross-border. The speed at which a society integrates innovation will become the core competitiveness of disruptive technology.”

Slush Shanghai 2018 has set up five stages in the 12,000-square-meter automobile exhibition center, namely the high-speed stage (main stage), the spark stage (sub-stage), the upgrade station (the start-up road show stage), and Slush Café and the Engine Room. On the five major stages, this year’s venture capital conference invited more than 150 well-known corporate founders, top investors and industry experts from the global venture capital innovation field to participate in the show, sharing the cutting-edge technology trends, industry competition dynamics and industrial strategy insight. Among them, Academics from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Vice President of Tongji University Wu Zhiqiang, Slush Founder and Angry Birds Co-founder Peter Vesterbacka, Private Enterprises including Huang Jia, HTC China President Wang Congqing, Chairman of the Zero Research Consulting Group, Yuan Yue, and executives from Intel, Jingdong, Haro Bike, VeChain, Wework, Heytea and other leading innovative companies attended Slush and delivered a keynote speech. In addition, with a global fusion of inspiration, guest pianist Kong Xiangdong and former badminton world champion Wang Yihan also shared the influence of art and sports on innovation in the stage of Slush.

In addition, one of the highlights of the conference was the successful Startup Roadshow Competition with the venture capital circle. This competition is divided into three industries to select high-growth technology innovation enterprises, namely medical technology, block chain and Internet of Things (including connected cars). The contest received more than 300 business plans, and selected 80 outstanding start-ups from the jury group of senior venture capitalists and industry experts to enter the Slush conference start-up enterprise roadshow, which was judged in the two-day on-site evaluation,where it lays the foundation for becoming a leading start-up and a future unicorn.

Slush China CEO Wang Chen said: “Whenever and wherever, Slush has been consistent since its inception, the mission is to help the next generation of entrepreneurs who want to change the world to succeed, Slush is not merely an annual start-up and high-tech industry conference. What is more, the event will also provide more diversified services for start-up projects, incubation, capital and wider cooperation with large enterprises.”

This year’s Slush Shanghai 2018 was jointly hosted by Tongji University, which is the first time that Slush China has introduced the University as a co-organizer. This conference is also one of the highlights of the first World of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo (WIEE). The first World Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo was jointly planned by Tongji University with a group of famous universities and innovative cities and institutions at home and abroad. It aims to absorb and bring together global innovation and entrepreneurship elements, and create a world-class dual-creation achievement display, interactive platform and exhibition brand. Co-creating a global innovation and entrepreneurial community to help develop talents with a view to creating a new model of innovation and entrepreneurship that can be replicated and promoted. It not only serves the construction of Shanghai’s globally influential science and technology center, but also provides China’s wisdom for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Lou Yongqi, Dean of Tongji University’s School of Design and Innovation, said that “I visited Finland eight years ago to promote the cooperation between Tongji University and Aalto University, and participated in the Slush Conference. At that time, there were only two or three hundred people. Last year, this scale has been turned over one hundred times. Innovation and entrepreneurship has become a new kinetic energy sweeping the world. This cooperation between Tongji University and Slush in the framework of the World Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo hopes to work together to promote the intellectual spillover and innovation transformation of universities around the world, to better contribute to society and lead the future.”

As an annual feast in the field of venture capital, the successful holding of the Slush Global Venture Capital Conference in Shanghai has attracted a large number of outstanding entrepreneurs at home and abroad. Slush will continue to support the concept of entrepreneurship, integrate innovation and entrepreneurship services, promote international industry cooperation, provide a platform and bridge for communication between start-ups, high-tech talents, top international investors, corporate executives and the media to create the most international entrepreneurial ecosystem of influence and the China-European venture capital platform.

About Slush

The Slush Global Ventures Conference was founded in 2008 by Rovio Co-founder Peter Vesterbacka in Helsinki, Finland, and is now the largest venture capital technology conference in Europe. Slush is committed to providing a platform and bridge for communication between start-ups, high-tech talents, top international investors, corporate executives and the media to create a good entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is the largest and highest caliber conference in Europe – a truly internationally renowned innovation and entrepreneurial festival. Currently, Slush has been successfully held in Helsinki, Tokyo, Singapore and Shanghai. In 2015, Slush officially entered China, attracting about 5,000 participants from all over the world. It has become the most international venture capital summit in China in recent years. It has created a wide range of high-end innovation resources for China, achieving innovative cooperation and common development. Profound influence. Through global innovation and entrepreneurship activities and professional matching systems, Slush gathers outstanding entrepreneurs at home and abroad, integrates innovative and entrepreneurial services, promotes international industry cooperation, and is committed to building the most internationally influential international entrepreneurial ecology and China-European venture capital platform.

About Anting International Motor City

Anting, located in the northwest of Shanghai, is the west gate of Shanghai. It is the cultural ancient town, industrial town and economic town in Shanghai. It is also the location of the international automobile city. Anting International Automobile City has a planned area of 100 square kilometers and is an important automobile industry base in Shanghai and Jiading District. As of last year, Anting International Automobile City has a production value of more than 360 billion yuan, and has more than 1,000 automobile and auto parts companies, including SAIC passenger cars, SAIC Volkswagen, and Weilai Automobile, and more than 100 automobile R&D institutions. At the same time, the F1 Circuit, the Automobile Museum, the Automobile Exhibition Center, and the Auto Expo Park have been rapidly developed. In 2011, the Ministry of Science and Technology set up the only international electric vehicle demonstration city in Shanghai. In 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology awarded the brand of the first national intelligent network car demonstration zone in China to Anting International Automobile City. In June 2016, China’s first “National Intelligent Networked Automotive (Shanghai) Pilot Demonstration Zone” closed test zone was officially opened in the Auto City. Currently, it provides nearly 200 scenarios for unmanned, autonomous driving and V2X connected vehicles. Test validation and provide valid data for the issuance of automated driving regulations. After years of hard work, Anting International Automobile City has become a vehicle industry supply chain integrating R&D, manufacturing, trade, education, exhibition and service.

About Tongji’s First World University Alumni Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference and China’s First Alumni Economic Summit (WIEE)

On May 19, 2018, under the overall framework of the “Pujiang Innovation Forum”, the first “World Innovation and Entrepreneur Expo” (World Innovation & Entrepreneurship EXPO) sponsored by Tongji University and hosted at Jiading Campus The abbreviation “WIEE” was opened, and the expo was for one year (May 2018-2019). The Expo will mainly include five major events: “The Opening Week of the Expo”, “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Theme Exhibition”, “Innovative Entrepreneurship Summer Carnival”, “Global Future Theme Week”, and “Pujiang Forum Series Activities”. Various forums, lectures, exhibitions, creative cultural exchanges and other activities will be held during the period.

During the Expo, Tongji University Alumni Association hosted the Alumni Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference on the theme of “Tongji People’s China Nightmare Innovations Change China, Entrepreneurship Realizes Dreams”. The conference aims to build a career development platform for alumni and explore alumni, universities, A new model for the common development of industry and cities. It is precisely under the premise that the Tongji University Alumni Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference was successfully held, Tongji University initiated the establishment of the World University Alumni Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference. The World Innovation & Entrepreneurship Expo Alumni Economic Summit (WIEE-AES), with the theme of “Collaboration, Sharing, Rewarding, and Leading”, aims to launch global alumni. Promote cooperation among urban enterprises, advocate the establishment of a global network of university urban innovation special zones, focus on future travel industries, build innovative communities and cities, and promote the transformation of global cities through demonstrations of innovative special zones.

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