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Press Release Promises to Take the Dine & Dash Out of Dating With its FREE Online Date Rating Social Website has offered Paul Gonzales' (aka -Dine and Dash Dater) victims free lifetime membership on and will pay the women's dinner tab which some were stuck with.

Sep. 6, 2018 / PRZen / LOS ANGELES --'s 24-hour date rating and review service is offering online daters throughout the dating biosphere the ability to review their next online date before they meet - for FREE. Like "Yelp" for online dates, CrayRate is designed to separate real "contenders" from online "pretenders" before meeting. And promises to forever change the online dating "Dine & Dash" days.


With as little as a dating site username, CrayRate members can check a potential online date's "CrayRate" (date rating) before they meet their date in person.  CrayRate members get the full scoop on their date. All is revealed via a 5 star rating system that extends from Low Risk Normal Cray Date to Severely Cray Cray! So no more super-sleuthing for a first and last name to conduct a background check on a potential date (which is almost impossible, anyway). CrayRate and its community members have your back –with the "Dine & Dash Days" are over and it's super-fun!

Now, community members (Tipsters) can trade dating stories for FREE access. Similar to Yelp, CrayRate relies on Date Reviews. Anonymously, CrayRate's members post Reviews using only their Date's dating site username. The Tipster Review include; Date's Star Rating, written reviews, photos, mugshots, text messages and more. For sharing hilarious & disastrous stories members earn FREE access to search their next online dates before they meet in person.  It's super simple!

CEO O'Grady, "Yes, we're a bit like Yelp, but for online dates. You can also say we're kind of like a neighborhood watch group: watching over your entire 'Datinghood.' CrayRate.comis for both women and men and can be used with any dating sites and all dating apps," O'Grady added.

Make no mistake, CrayRate is definitely not a revenge site, nor a forum for tipster members to exercise their own secret crazy.  The website points out: We simply want to help our members gravitate toward Great Dates and navigate the murky waters of internet Catfishing and dangerous stalker Dates.

O'Grady developed the idea after experiencing her own traumatic online dating incident, and this compelled her to survey both men and women who welcomed a site like CrayRate, as there is nothing similar out there at present.

"We allow members to share their dating stories, which is very therapeutic, and know they're helping protect their dating community," O'Grady stated. is offering Paul Gonzales' (aka -Dine and Dash Dater) victims free lifetime membership on and will pay the women's dinner tab which some were stuck with. O'Grady, "We don't want the victims to be discouraged by this person's obvious bad intentions. Covering the victims' dinner bill is a small price to pay – we hope the victims continue to pursue love. makes it easier – it keeps you smart from the start."

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