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Press Release

HiWater from OEM to branding, Top hydrogen water bottle Grand Launching

Advanced design with ozone air bleeder and food grade separation membrane Ultra-thick electrode plate with the highest purity

Taipei, Taiwan - 6 September, 2018 - HiWater has done research and product development, as well as OEM for well-known manufacturers in Taiwan and overseas, including large-scale commercial water purification equipment and household hydrogen water machine and more. Therefore, we have outstanding technology and high-quality control standards.

HiWater sent the hydrogen water bottle to the Japan Hydrogen Water Promotion Association for certification and inspection; Take the hydrogen water bottle sold in Japan as an example, the hydrogen content in the water is mostly 700 ppb, and the negative potential value is around -328 mv. However, HiWater hydrogen water bottle has a hydrogen content of 1,390 ppb and a negative potential of -671 mv, which is twice as high as the products that made in Japan.

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When HiWater noticed that after hydrogen and oxygen separated, if ozone problem is not properly handled, it would cause physical discomfort, thus, in our design, we adopted an advanced exclusive technology module - air bleeder, to exhaust excess ozone and oxygen.( Remark: Hydrogen water bottle in Chinese and Japanese are called 氫水杯 and 水素水杯. Hydrogen water in Chinese and Japanese are called 氫水 and 水素水.)


For the common inferior metal electrode plate that used in the bottle is the cheapest material available in the market. Due to the long-term electrolysis, the inferior electrode plate will release heavy metals, which against the purpose of maintaining a healthy family that HiWater believes. HiWater does not hesitate to spend a relatively high cost to use high purity (the purity of titanium is more than 99.5%) and ultra-thick (the thickness of platinum is 1,130 times higher than the standard value) titanium platinum electrode plate; not to mention that Hiwater abandoned the "industrial hydrogen-oxygen separation membrane" and adopted the "food-grade hydrogen-oxygen separation membrane".

Based on the information as above, HiWater has always been at the forefront, surpassing the international standards, and has received product orders from Japan, which leads the specifications of the industry on the urge to move forward:


Remark: Hydrogen water bottle in Chinese and Japanese are called 氫水杯 and 水素水杯. Hydrogen water in Chinese and Japanese are called 氫水 and 水素水.

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