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Press Release

Breakthrough – Scientists Create CBD Oil 400% More Effective Than Standard CBD Oil

A leading CBD manufacturer has developed a revolutionary new CBD oil harnessing the power of liposomes and the results are outstanding

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St Lawrence, Jersey -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2018 -- A leading CBD manufacturer has developed a revolutionary new way to consume cannabinoids using cutting-edge technology. Liposomal CBD oil harnesses the power of liposomes which makes cbd oil more efficient than other standard cbd oil.

What are cannabinoids?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. It is the most well known cannabinoid (one of the many compounds found in the cannabis plant)

Medical researchers discovered that we have in our body an endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoid receptors are found throughout the nervous system and major organs, and are designed specifically for receiving cannabinoids.

Many people suffering from ailments such as chronic pain (pain which lasts for longer than 12 weeks), anxiety, depression and seizures have used cannabinoids to relieve these ailments.

Scientists have now discovered a way to increase the efficiency and beneficial qualities of CBD oil thanks to liposomes.

What are liposomes and how do they work?

Liposomes are delivery vehicles for transporting substances into the body effectively by facilitating absorption directly in the mouth or by preventing breakdown by stomach acid.

Although liposomes were discovered in the 1960s, it has only been in recent years where science and technology has advanced to the stage where they can be used commercially.

Liposomes effectively create a vehicle for medicines to directly be absorbed into tissue and can protect against the destructive digestive system.

How liposomes help CBD be more effective

Using liposomes with CBD allow the beneficial cannabinoids (CBD) to be directly absorbed into tissue in the mouth which increases bioavailability. This means that more of the CBD is absorbed into the body with much less wasted. Scientists at leading CBD manufacturers Cibdol have estimated this to be up to 400% more effective. This means that a CBD oil with a 4% potency can have the same beneficial impact that a 20% potency has.

Not only is the liposome CBD oil more efficient, it also means that the effect is much quicker as the CBD enters your system almost instantaneously.
This is a major benefit for those people using CBD oil for pain management and anxiety relief.

How much more efficient is liposome CBD oil?

You can measure the efficiency of your CBD oil by its bioavailability. In short, bioavailability is the degree and rate at which a substance is absorbed into the body.

The bioavailability of CBD oil varies based on the the consumption method and concentration of CBD in the product. We will focus on three of the most popular methods. Oral drops, aping and CBD capsules.

Efficiency of oral consumption of CBD

The latest study on oral drop bioavailability (1) was 13%. That means if you consume 100mg of cannabinoids, only 20mg will be absorbed and the rest will be wasted. This can be increased by using sublingual consumption (oil placed under the tongue) but even then, the bioavailability is only increased slightly.

Efficiency of vaping CBD

One study reported a bioavailability of 30% which makes vaping the most efficient way of consuming CBD (2). Although, this is still a relatively low bioavailability level.

Efficiency of edible CBD

One study reported a bioavailability of just 4% for edible CBD (3). In fact, the digestive process takes 2 hours in which time most cannabinoids have been destroyed by stomach acids.

Efficiency of Liposome CBD

Liposome delivered CBD is 400% more effective than oral sublingual consumption. The cannabinoids are directly absorbed into the mouth tissue with maximum efficiency. In fact, the liposome method is the most efficient way to consume CBD oil.


Most cannabinoids are wasted when they are consumed. Most of the beneficial CBD is lost within the body itself. Now liposomes can help increase the efficiency of CBD oil.

Liposome CBD oil can increase the efficiency of CBD oil by 400%. It is the most efficient way to consume CBD oil.

About nHance Life
nHance Life, (, based in Jersey in the UK, is an online information resource and retailer of CBD oil and CBD products. All products are sourced based on a number of factors including quality of oil, quality testing by third parties and grown in regulated farms.

1) Karschner et al. (2011) Clin. Chem. 57:66–75
2) Huestis (2007) Chem. Biodivers. 4:1770–1804; McGilveray (2005) Pain Res. Manag. 10 Suppl. A:15A – 22A
3) Karschner et al. (2011) Clin. Chem. 57:66–75

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