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Bitcoin-era Blockchain Unveils "Digital Notes"

A Blockchain dating back to 2013 originally programmed by an anonymous developer unveils a new innovation in cryptocurrency finance with a digital note that can re-exchange for a greater share of ETH later on

Aug. 23, 2018 / PRZen / LOS ANGELES -- Zurcoin, one of the world's oldest decentralised proof-of-work Blockchains, is proud to present the release of the first form of digital notes on a brand new synthetic protocol dubbed "proof-of-value". The new digital notes will be rebranded under Synthchain, named after the synthetic Blockchain build that the digital notes run on.

Zurcoin dates back to December 2013, when under 100 cryptocurrencies made up the front page of Today, the cryptocurrency listings website features 1,865 cryptos. The original programmer who developed Zurcoin's Blockchain is anonymous. He was one of the world's first adopters of cryptocurrencies, however.

Digital notes are so-named after the original British banknotes. With digital notes, an investor doesn't purchase a token and bank on the management team to produce returns, as is the case with many ICOs today.

The concept of digital notes follows the evolution of digital money from digital coins such as Bitcoin, which was invented in 2010, to the more recent phenomenon of digital tokens, which came about in 2015 with the invention of the Ethereum Blockchain.

Digital notes run on a synthetic Blockchain, with all value in the form of cryptocurrencies effectively backed by a main-market CMC Top 50 leader board currency, for which the digital notes later re-exchange for a greater share of. This value-supported aspect of the synthetic Blockchain currencies is proving a hit so far with many ICO investors. MNY, for example, is currently 15% of the way through its smart contract based mining tiers. Investors have been enthusiastic about MNY because it's sale price follows the first decade of Bitcoin's price history, rising from pennies to over $20,000 in value. To do that, almost 2,900 tiers were deployed in separate smart contracts placed inside a single external contract which was then tied together with the main contract.

To build the assets, the Zurcoin team developed a unique synthetic protocol called proof-of-value, which is outlined in a very detailed and extensive white paper.

The ways in which companies might apply synthetic blockchains is the most exciting possibility of all to consider, notes the Zurcoin team. Some might use digital notes to pre-finance manufacturing builds that are otherwise costly and/or unattainable via conventional financing solutions, as is becoming more and more the case today.

The digital notes development effort is being led by an experienced software engineer who has worked with multiple global financial and consulting firms. To mark the launch, the assets list on crypto exchange CryptalDash exchange. Recently, COE won the exchange's prestigious Coin Competition, boding well for the future ahead.

"Getting listed in the exchange isn't just an event. Many coins have this misconception. Liquidity provision is our goal for coin partners. We ascertain this through how strong and active a community is behind a coin through the coin listing competition. It was fun speaking to the team of COE, we're looking forward to the integration. Real action begins now," said Chyrrelle Pagaduan, CryptalDash Exchange Head of Relations.

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