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Press Release

The Net Lender Announces New Lending Requirements For Borrowers

The Net Lender recently announced new guidelines for people interested in getting a loan. Previously, to qualify, a customer had to have a credit score of at least 600, but the new requirement is just 575. You can learn more by visiting Vice president of marketing, Casey Ryback, states that, "we will now be able to help people who have been through financial hardships and who have less than ideal credit."

Ryback continues, "Despite the economy having record numbers of low employment and the stock market doing really well, there are still people having financial emergencies. We're also seeing many other financial emergencies crop up this time of year. People have vacation bills, back to school bills, and repairs to pay for on their home, vehicle, or other items. If the United States experiences a recession, we could see massive problems for people who are just getting by financially. Unfortunately, the recent stock market boom and low unemployment hasn't helped everyone. A lot of people are still struggling to make ends meet. These recent changes in FICO requirements can help individuals who have had bad luck in the past, or who have been treated unfairly by an institution or who may need medical assistance."

The Net Lender has also recently expanded their services to Palmdale, California and is able to help people in all parts of California if they qualify.

Contact The Net Lender toll free at 888-538-6052 today to speak to a friendly representative who can help. Or simply fill out the form on the website.

Discover more about The Net Lender by visiting the blog here: or learn more at the official twitter page:


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