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Press Release

Richard Gora of Gora, LLC Announces Partnership with Pro Music Rights, LLC, the Third-Largest US PRO Representing Over 2 Million Copyrighted Publications

Stamford, CT. - August 13, 2018 - Pro Music Rights, LLC today is the third-largest U.S. Performing Rights Organization,representing the intellectual property rights of thousands of songwriters, composers, and publishers. Pro Music Rightsis excited to partner with Richard Gora of Gora LLC to tirelessly protect over 2,000,000 copyrighted musical compositions from unlawful copyright infringement.

Jake Noch, the founder of Pro Music Rightsand a successful entrepreneur of Sosa Entertainment LLC, one of the fastest-growing music labels in the U.S. says, “while being one of the youngest performing rights organizations in the US, Pro Music Rightsalready controls over 7.4% of the U.S. market of public performance rights, and has endured unparalleled success in the music industry.”

Vito Roppo, an advisor to Pro Music Rights, adds “Jake Noch is the future of the music industry, and his portfolio of artists will become the worldwide leader under Jake’s leadership.”

To further Pro Music Rights’ mission, Jake entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Richard Gora, Esq. of Gora, LLC, a law firm providing sophisticated intellectual property, licensing and enforcement counsel for Pro Music Rights’ portfolio of copyrighted musical compositions.

Richard Gora says, “Jake Noch is a stalwart protector of Pro Music Rights’ songwriters, composers, and publishers, along with their over 2,000,000 copyrighted musical compositions.” “Our long-term partnership will Jake Noch and Pro Music Rights will curb infringement activities and provide compensation for artists and musical works protected by Pro Music Rights,” Richard Gora adds.

Jake Noch comments, “Our partnership with Richard Gora and his team at Gora LLC is the foundation of Pro Music Rights’ desire to protect the intellectual property rights of itsartists, and is what will result in unmeasurablegrowth and on-going trust.” “It is Pro Music Right’s mission to prevent the unauthorized public performances of itsArtists’works and to negotiate licenses for such performances on behalf of its Artists.”

In the upcoming months, Pro Music Rights looks forward to continuing licensing negotiations with major influencers in the music industry in order to provide its artists and consumers with a growing variety of musical flairs.  With such success, Pro Music Rights, LLC has confidently partnered with Gora, LLC to provide the Company and its Artists with sophisticated legal expertise. Richard Gora and associates of Gora, LLC have ample experience managing trademark and copyright filings, litigating trademark and patent issues, drafting licensing and relationship management agreements and monitoring compliance with those agreements.

Pro Music Rights intends to finalize negotiations with multiple global streaming platforms. Currently, Pro Music Rights is negotiating with SoundCloud, one of the leading music and podcast streaming platforms in the world – Pro Music Rights hopes that through this partnership it will expand its success and reach millions of new listeners.

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