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Longboard Skateboards Are Quickly Becoming an Eco-Friendly Commuting Option for Professionals and Students

Bend, OR, USA - Professionals and students are investing in longboard skateboards as an alternative "green" mode of transportation around cities and campuses. A wave of recreational longboarding is also attracting the generation of ex-skateboarders who are now in their 30s and 40s and want to rediscover the sport.

Popularity of longboards can be attributed to their unique design and purpose. Manufacturers design longboards to be more stable and maneuverable at higher speeds than traditional skateboards. The decks generally outsize traditional skateboards in length and width, adding stability and ease of balance for the rider. Innovations in longboard trucks and bushings has greatly improved control at commuter speeds and advancements in urethane wheels allows the longboard to travel faster, smoother and negotiate uneven surfaces better than traditional skateboard wheels. "The major difference of the longboard skateboard over the traditional skateboard is in its purpose; people ride skateboards for tricks, longboards are used for transportation," says Ron Audette, owner of The Longboard Store, a major online retailer of longboard products.

In high-traffic metropolitan cities, longboards can replace vehicles and bicycles for professionals commuting to work. The speed, maneuverability and portability of the longboard are the major advantages over the bicycle when using public transportation. Commuters transition with ease between public transportation legs and longboarding legs to reach their destinations. Bicycles are cumbersome when using public transportation and pose the risk of adding grease and oil to work attire. Longboards share an advantage over vehicles when parking is scarce or expensive.

College students ride longboards on thousands of campuses worldwide. Often, the costs associated with parking, insuring, and maintaining a vehicle are not justified for a commute ranging from three blocks to two miles. Raleigh Maxwell, a Senior at the University of Oregon, owns four longboards including an M1 electric longboard. Raleigh's longboard collection replaces his car which remains home at his parent's residence in Bend Oregon. "Longboarding cuts my trip to class in half since I never have to be concerned with traffic or search for the ever elusive campus parking spot. It's a stress relief to get outside and have some wind in my hair as I commute to class every day," says Maxwell.

Longboarding is not solely a means of transportation for its riders. Many seek the exhilaration of descending hills at speeds exceeding 45 mile per hour or taking a more mellow approach and carving down a hill to experience the feeling reminiscent of snowboarding or surfing. Hybrid longboards are equipped with kicktails and grab rails designed for freestyle tricks and dance moves. One popular type of trick is sliding. Audette describes sliding as "similar to drifting in the automotive world. The rider purposely breaks the traction of the wheels into a controlled slide to perform spins and tricks. Sliding is also used to control speed when approaching sharp turns or safely coming to a quick stop."

Longboards vary in shape and size to correspond to specific riding styles. Boards are available that are portable, fast, maneuverable, stable, flexible, high-precision, easy-to-ride, or a combination of several attributes. A new and exciting development in longboarding is the advent of the electric longboard. Fast, stable and maneuverable, these electric boards reach speeds of 22 MPH, have a range of 7-10 miles on a single battery charge and are quickly becoming an ecofriendly alterative to navigating through the ever-growing urban congestion. The Longboard Store is Oregon's largest dealer of the M1 electric longboard and has seen significant growth in electric longboard sales in the past year. Audette recalls one M1 customer in San Francisco recouped the cost of his electric longboard in 2 months by commuting with his M1 thus eliminating his daily parking garage fees.

Consumer searches for new forms of transportation and recreation have led them toward longboarding. Longboarding saves money on transportation; but for most, the savings isn't the lure.

About The Longboard Store

Located in Bend, Oregon, The Longboard Store is a family owned and operated on-line retailer carrying the largest selection of longboards and skating accessories.

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