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Press Release

Austin TX Foundation Repair Company G. L. Hunt Describes Repair Options

G. L. Hunt is happy to announce that they offer the best slab foundation repair in Austin, Texas, with a transferable limited lifetime warranty. Since the 1970s, the preference of most Americans is a concrete slab foundation. Rather than using a crawl space, the slab foundation is a suitable alternative. Slab foundations are heavy and thick, thus providing less risk of flooding and leaking gases. The facts about the foundation repair company G. L. Hunt in Austin TX are the latest and most comprehensive available.

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Identification of several common causes of slab foundation damage include settling and upheaval. Settling happens to every type of building in the time following construction. This can trigger problems for the home. Another cause of slab issues is upheaval. It occurs when parts of the slab moves upward. Usually it is the result of moisture getting into clay soil or improper design of the structure.

When the slab on which the house sits becomes damaged, it shows up as a crack or series of cracks. There is a need for support for the structure in order to stop further damage. In this instance, the major repair is to place foundation piers constructed from concrete or steel. When issues in the foundational slab are due to settling, they can be fixed by placing helical piers or piles. These provide bolstering to the slab and eliminate the risk of additional settling. When steel piers and concrete pilings are placed, it lifts the slab and helps to restore it to its original position.

Even with slab foundation repair, problems can recur. Piers and piles probably will need to have further work done by the professionals to take care of additional issues which might occur. The right repairs should be beneficial for years to come.

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