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IPSX Forms Partnership With Kuende to Grow Blockchain Community

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 20, 2018 / IPSX, the distributed network layer based on offer and demand for Internet Protocol addresses, and Kuende, the first blockchain powered social network that uses gamified challenges to reward real-life social interaction, have come together to foster the development of the blockchain community. The two blockchain projects have joined forces to offer their users more benefits and better products.

The mission of this partnership is to grow the blockchain community and create dedicated content for blockchain enthusiasts by using the social infrastructure of Kuende platform and the expertise of IPSX team. Content topics will include cryptocurrency, blockchain technologies, software infrastructure, Internet Protocols, security and many others to be announced.

To facilitate this partnership, IPSX will develop new product features and a log-in/sign-up via a Kuende profile. Users that already share their IPs on the IPSX platform will be able to share them on Kuende in order to foster decentralization not only on a blockchain level but between blockchain projects as well. The partnership will provide a better user experience on blockchains for the entire community and boost the revenue of the users.

IPSX - On a mission to create content that educates the market

The main reason many blockchain projects fail is the fact that the market lacks trustworthy content. The IPSX team took on this challenge and aimed at creating content dedicated for the crypto community.

"We saw that there is an avid need for information on this market. We, the founders, live in our bubble and think that people who are part of the crypto community understand all the concepts we exchange with each other. The real truth is that people don't understand basic concepts, especially when it comes to very techy projects like IPSX. That's why we think of this partnership with Kuende a great opportunity to reach out to 60.000+ users, all interested in blockchain , and explain to them various concepts. From IPs to databases or how blockchain works. We've started our collaboration with Pavel and his team a while ago, when we've built for them the KYC solution for their ICO, and we're confident we'll work very well together for the upcoming projects as well," says George Bunea, CEO IPSX.

Kuende - On a mission to reward people who interact in real life

Kuende is the first blockchain social network to increase the social engagement of its users through token-incentives. Through this partnership with IPSX, Kuende hopes to provide an avenue for companies to engage its users with content on the platform.

"We are very excited to close this partnership with the team behind the IPSX project. We're already looking forward to having them active on Kuende. I'm sure they'll be one of the most influential communities within the Kuende network, and this is exactly what we aim for in the upcoming months: to attract successful blockchain projects on the platform that will be able to create and manage their own communities. I think these business partnerships between blockchain projects will make this industry shine. We need strong relationships and bolder communities that act together with a common goal in mind: decentralize the digital world and offer users better experiences," Pavel Antohe, CEO Kuende.

Over the past three years, Kuende's team has focused on product development and managed to achieve great traction: it has more than 60,000 regular users on the social platform. The last investment raised of $2.5M in March 2016 set the social media platform at a $10M valuation.

Kuende is backed by Dokia Capital, one of the largest crypto-funds in the world - who also invested from the early stages in Ethereum, Polkadot, Digix, Cosmos or OmiseGo - with a 3000 ETH investment in the company's private sale.

The work on this partnership will kick off starting September 2018. One of the first actions is to include an Airdrop for the two communities. The latest updates will be announced via respective IPSX and Kuende Telegram groups and official websites.

About IPSX

IPSX is a fully automated blockchain-based system, with a full clearing of utility tokens (the IPSX Token is an Ethereum ERC-20 Token). IPSX platform associates the price and distribution based on offer and demand for Internet Protocol addresses (IPs). It acts as a decentralized marketplace where anyone who owns an IP (which can come from their smartphones, home appliances, computers and so on), can list it on the platform and let other people use it when the owners don't need it.

About Kuende

Kuende is the first social media platform to reward its users for being social! Kuende is a social network that offers users challenges and token-incentives to engage more in real life interactions. With both online and offline components, Kuende is the first social network with a tokenized economy. Founded by Pavel Antohe, Kuende is comprised of a team of 24, including several ex-Google developers. With more than 60,000 users, and fully developed web and mobile apps, Kuende is poised to be on the forefront of the next generation of social media. To learn more about Kuende, visit its official website at, and its ICO page at

Kuende Vision


Pavel Antohe
+40 0725 843 286

SOURCE: Kuende

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