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Press Release

Music Promotions brings Relief to Upcoming Artists Who desire to Breakthrough in Music Industry

Crafts are welcomed for YouTube Promotion with Open Arms from Fame-Seeking Upcoming Artists

July 18, 2018 - Music Promotion Worldwide, a renowned company specializes in online music marketing, distribution, and artist management has announced that it is helping upcoming artists to reach greater heights. The company sought after independent and local artists dedicated to their craft. Music Promotion Worldwide being a platform for artists to get their message out through YouTube video, it promotes national domestic violence awareness and lots more.

“Music Promotion is a tedious task for upcoming Artists due to their infamous status in the industry. The number one focus of every one should be coming up with a very good craft that will catch the world at large, Music Promotion Worldwide takes over from that point through YouTube Promotion, as in the case of Lebanese Tweety” says the spokesperson of Music Promotion Worldwide while explaining the process of music promotion in the company.

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Lebanese Tweety is an upcoming rapper with popular songs on YouTube; she has gained high level of fame through the YouTube promotion offered by Music Promotion Worldwide. She is so excited to share her view about the song and the level of support she got from the company.

“Nobody save me is a song written from two perspectives. Especially the hook covers domestic violence. The video covers a couple being in a horrible relationship that’s extremely bad for both parties to be in. The point of the video is much more though. Domestic violence comes from anyone. It doesn’t just have to be a couple. It can be your parents, your siblings, even “friends.” “7 billion people but nobody save me.” In just this little sentence it explains how someone can be in hell, such a bad situation and nobody does anything to save them or help them out. We live in a world where minding our business has a totally wrong meaning. If you see someone getting treated any type of way that you know deep down is wrong... it’s ok to get involved. It takes courage to help people especially in tough personal situations. Don’t over think and do what’s right. The video shows the woman leaving at the end and the guy sitting in regret. At this point it’s too late for both of them to ever be free of such a traumatizing situation. It’s ok to walk away. It’s harder to stay and tolerate being treated a certain way but people have been brainwashed into thinking it’s the other way around. That’s not true. It all stems from self-love. If you don’t love yourself you will treat people you love poorly or allow them to treat you poorly. Break the cycle of what you know. We were young and they taught us that if you’re married and you have kids and you stay in such a bad relationship that you’re sacrificing your life for your kids. I’m here to tell you that that’s complete BS. The kids are a sacrifice to your comfort zone and lack of strength to go through the hard times of starting over. Stop making these kids think you did them a favor by “staying together.” Enjoy the video and spread this message. We may be able to change someone’s mind,” said Lebanese Tweety.

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About Music Promotion Worldwide:

Music Promotion Worldwide sought after independent and local artists dedicated to their craft. Music Promotion Worldwide specializes in online music marketing, distribution, and artist management.

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