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Press Release

What Is Artjoker’s Project Management Strategy?

Artjoker company has been existing in the world market for more than 12 years. Throughout this period, that IT company was able to achieve various goals in the field of software development.

California (PRUnderground) July 11th, 2018

Artjoker company has been existing in the world market for more than 12 years. Throughout this period, that IT company was able to achieve various goals in the field of software development. Dozens of clients were leaving us with joy, due to the fact, that their willings and demands were successfully fulfilled. Furthermore, thanks to a great experience of work in the world of IT sphere, the company became able to create their own technological innovations, which may be able to help us in the creation of lots of new and promising projects. One of the most useful innovations, which is properly known among the partners, is the creation of a special project management strategy, Artjoker Method. Thanks to the team of designers and developers who are working in a company, it became possible to evolve such an invention and make it pretty massive, so, there will be an opportunity to implement such techniques to the variety of different projects and ideas. So, despite the fact, that the method was developed by ourselves, we are willing to share this idea with the common users, so they will be able to have a sort of an organizational foundation in case if one of them would like to become a creator of his own:

  • Application;
  • Website;
  • Online service.

What is Artjoker’s PM strategy and why it is useful?

These questions might be the most logical ones in case if you are reading this article. For sure, if someone offers you something, while saying, that it is really good and useful, your first reaction might be not really positive. So, let me explain, what is actually the PM technology developed by Artjoker. Frankly speaking, it has a lot in common with various popular ways of organizing the programming process. However, in case if we are talking directly about the strategy developed by Artjoker for the users all over the world we have to keep in mind, that it is separated into four key parts. They are:

  • Development Methodology;

  • Technological stack;

  • Tools;

  • Services.

These four main features or components actually make our PM strategy directly what it is now. Furthermore, one of the most important distinguishing features of the Artjoker’s strategy is the usage of Agile lean methodology, Scrum, in particular, that is one of the most popular and reliable technologies acting as a foundation of the creation of a management process. Furthermore, it is focused directly on really strict monitoring of all the elements of that complicated operation and evaluation of each important step. Besides, it is really popular because of the fact, that it gives an opportunity to the users to take part in the developmental process.

Development Methodology

Despite the fact, that Scrum is pretty difficult to explain, I would like to give a brief observation of that method. Imagine, that you are a project owner and you have a so-called product backlog. After that backlog comes through the process of sprint planning it turns to scrum backlog. After that, the main aim is to transfer the whole data of the project to a special scrum team, which is working on the improvement and the evolvement of a pretty undeveloped and unpopular application or web service to a famous and popular resource. One of the main features, which is used by that team is the so-called sprint retrospective. Furthermore, there are also several other pretty valuable features of that type of project management. First of all, it allows you to have a simple and pretty fast launch of a minimum viable product. Then, thanks to revolutionary tactics, you are able to involve a customer in the developmental process in such a way, that it will not ruin the key features of a final product.


There are three key technological platforms, which are used in the field of the Artjoker Method. They are:

  • Objective C/Swift;

  • Laravel;

  • Node.js.

All these platforms have various special characteristics and distinguishing features. So, it is possible to say, that we are trying to achieve a maximum multitasking level in the process of the designing arrangements of a project. For instance, the usage of Objective C or Swift is suitable when we are willing to create mobile products, while Laravel is suitable in case if we are creating a web application, on the other hand, Node.js is used while making an online service.

It is really vital to mention, that for various types of work we use not only special tools but also these three tools have various techniques within them. For example, the usage of Laravel may automatically mean the usage of:

  • HTML5;

  • React.js and Angular.js;

  • Mysql.

If you are using Node.js, it is matchable not only with the list, which was highlighted earlier but also with such a tool as MongoDB. Finally, the operations with Objective C or Swift mean, that you need Java Rx or just simple Java coding environment.


The usage of our technology means not only the usage of various technological innovations but also the implementation of really nice customer support including different services. They are:

  • Online Marketing;

  • Technical Support;

  • Personal Customer Support.

Besides, it is really vital to make an emphasis that it is important to support customers and have strong ties with them from the very beginning of our cooperation. This does not only increase the trusting relationship between us but is also beneficial for the increasing prestige of our company.


Finally, in that last passage I am willing to give you a simple, but clear list of those special tools, which are important for the arrangement of nice project management. So, if you are willing to create a proper app and have a good project marketing, the usage of such tools will be highly suitable:

  • GIT – Version control system for tracking changes in a code;
  • Atlassian JIRA/Worksection – Issue tracking project management systems;
  • Selenium IDE – Quality assurance tools;
  • TeamСity –  System of constant integration, testing, and data reporting;
  • Webstorm/PHPStorm – Integrated software development environment.


All in all, as you can see, in order to create a good project management tactics there is a great need for hard work, a good team and a proper level of experience. However, we really hope, that thanks to those technologies, which have been successfully developed and adopted by Artjoker company, you may be able to organize your project in a way you need. So, I can wish you all the best in your future projects and ideas and an opportunity to make all your developmental dream real.

The author of this article is Vlad Pshenychka, a marketer working now with Artjoker, a software development company specializing in startups launch including mobile and web development. Our goal is to turn clients’ ideas only into excellent results!

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