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Press Release

Grammar Chic, Inc. Offers Resume Solutions for Job Seekers Over 50

Grammar Chic, Inc., a professional resume writing company, announces services tailored to experienced job seekers considering career changes.

Change is hard—and it doesn’t get any easier as you get older. Consider career changes. Switching from one professional track to another can be difficult when you’re in your twenties; when you’re over 50, it can seem downright daunting. An increasingly ageist workplace doesn’t make it any easier—yet there are practical steps that more experienced job seekers can take to ensure they are viable, competitive choices for new positions. In a new statement to the press, the resume writing experts at Grammar Chic, Inc. provide some insight.

“Job seekers who are considering a change past age 50 may wonder whether their age will work against them,” comments Amanda Clark, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Grammar Chic, Inc., and a nationally-known resume writing expert.

“The important thing to remember is that employers want to find the best candidate—period,” Clark continues. “And while age can be a liability in some ways, it can be a boon in others.  Older job seekers are different from Millennials.” Indeed, Clark notes that older professionals have a wealth of experience to draw from, and potentially a broader array of skills and competencies.

The challenge lies in highlighting those experiences and skills. “Your resume should turn your longevity into an advantage, and highlight the ways in which your experience makes you more desirable than a younger job candidate,” Clark notes.

Certainly, those who’ve been in the workforce longer will have more evidence of their soft skills and leadership abilities. “Really emphasize how your experience makes you a good mentor, a competent decision-maker, and a proficient navigator of workplace politics,” Clark offers.

Additionally, a good resume can help alleviate any concerns over the employee’s age. “If you’re worried that you’ll be perceived as out of touch, use your resume to highlight some of your most cutting-edge skillsets, including noteworthy abilities related to decision making, leadership, project management, and negotiations,” Clark says. “These are skills that many younger professionals are only in the process of developing.  This is where an older job seeker stands out.”

Job seekers should also note that a professional resume writer can help them craft a career narrative that allows them to make the best possible impression with hiring managers and recruiters. “Our team of resume writing experts can help you craft a document that makes you a truly exciting and desirable candidate, even as you enter a new field or embark on a fresh adventure,” Clark concludes.

More information about Grammar Chic, Inc. and its resume writing services can be found online at


Grammar Chic, Inc. is a full-service writing company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company boasts a team of in-house writers and editors, providing diverse services in content marketing, copyediting, resume writing, and beyond. More information about Grammar Chic can be obtained by calling (803) 831-7444 or visiting at Additionally, the company can be reached via Facebook or on Twitter @GrammarChicInc.

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