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Capitalisecrypto.Ai and Capitalise.Ai Merge to Provide the Perfect Crypto Trading Experience

TEL AVIV / ACCESSWIRE / July 5, 2018 / Automated trading solutions provider Capitalise announced today that it will merge its two cutting-edge platforms, Capitalise and CapitaliseCrypto, into a single service to provide a streamlined experience for traders.

Capitalise is an automated trading platform that combines artificial intelligence with natural language processing to help investors with little experience programming algorithms gain access to cutting-edge tools. Its award-winning solution has been the recipient of the "Best of Show" award at Finovate two years in a row.

"The future of trading will see the consolidation of crypto and traditional markets . . . By bringing traditional trading and crypto trading onto a single, all-in-one platform, Capitalise allows users to automate their strategies based on data from both the crypto and traditional markets, then execute those strategies across all sectors: from stocks, to bonds, to bitcoin, to Ether," said Amir Shiovich, CTO and cofounder of Capitalise.

The company already hosts a platform for trading traditional financial assets where users can develop fully automated strategies with simple words and sentences. Users can create strategies that range from simple if/then statements to more complex tactics that can involve a variety of factors including financial indicators, prices, and even weather conditions.

Capitalise has already launched its CapitaliseCrypto platform, providing cryptocurrency investors with a seamless trading experience. CapitaliseCrypto offers the same intuitive automated tools, helping users build advanced strategies for a variety of coins and tokens. The company has strived to forge partnerships with leading companies across the fintech world as well as some of the biggest exchanges in the world including the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stock Market.

Now, Capitalise intends to bring both platforms under the same roof to form a unified and intuitive trading experience. The goal is not to reinvent the wheel, but rather to take two strong solutions and create a power pair that helps users enter and create strategies across markets.

Combining both platforms will allow the company to streamline its service offerings and promote the opportunity for traders to expand their portfolios by gaining exposure to a new class of financial assets.

More importantly, it will save users precious time that would be spent switching between platforms. Now users can create combined strategies that allow them to take full advantage of all the opportunities that unfold across global asset markets, both traditional and digital. Capitalise has also announced that Interactive Brokers, one of the biggest online brokerage services in the world, will be integrating the company's solution into their trading platform.

The company's CapitaliseCrypto platform began the beta testing phase in December 2017. The crypto trading platform is already available, and the new merged platform will be hosted on, allowing all traders to access Capitalise's services from one convenient location. For traders, this new service offers a unique opportunity to create fully automated strategies that are more accurate, based on the most reliable data, and which can be fully validated before executing. With Capitalise, traditional investors and crypto traders will have a new world of trading possibilities at their fingertips.


David Gaston

SOURCE: Capitalise

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