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Press Release Announces Partnership With ShapeShift in Preparation for Launch, Giving Users Access to Leading Cryptocurrencies

The partnership is considered an important step towards making cryptocurrency-based marketplaces more accessible to mainstream users.

LONDON - July 4, 2018 - (

In preparation for its upcoming marketplace launch and initial coin offering (ICO),, the London-based sharing-economy marketplace for buying and selling goods and services, today announced a strategic partnership with ShapeShift, an online platform for quickly and securely swapping digital assets without an account.’s integration with ShapeShift will allow its users to exchange leading digital assets directly from the Marketplace with a simple two-click process.

“ users will have the capability to trade whatever they like, whenever they like, easily, safely and securely using smart contracts backed by our public blockchain,” said Philip O’Shaughnessy, founder and CEO of Accept. “One of our primary goals has always been to minimize transaction settlement times, and we have achieved this with our blockchain technology. Now, through our ShapeShift partnership, our marketplace platform is a huge step closer to meeting the incredible user experience standards created by traditional payment apps. Using the Accept Marketplace will be a truly seamless experience, from moving funds to the marketplace, buying and selling goods and services, and withdrawing funds to a secure wallet. This integration, as far as I know, will make the sharing economy marketplace with the fastest deposit/withdrawal process.” addresses one of the major sources of friction in today’s top online marketplaces: moving money in and out of one's account. Online marketplaces typically charge high transaction fees (10-25 percent) and offer slow settlements (2-5 days). Transaction fees in the Accept Marketplace will max out at 2.5 percent and settlements will happen almost instantly because the marketplace is built on blockchain technology.

This new partnership will solve another major problem: how to let users exchange cryptocurrencies in a single step without incurring extra fees. It’s just another step towards making the cryptocurrency-based marketplace more accessible to mainstream users.

About ShapeShift

ShapeShift is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell digital assets. Based in Switzerland, ShapeShift enables users to quickly exchange Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and other major blockchain-based tokens and assets. ShapeShift is a fast and secure way for the world to buy and sell digital assets with no lengthy signup process, no counterparty risk and no friction. See more at

About Accept.IO is a London-based startup that promises to revolutionise peer-to-peer trading through sharing economy principles and blockchain technology. Accept Marketplace users will be able to trade goods and services for other goods and services or for Fulcrum (FULC), the native cryptocurrency of the marketplace. Visit to learn more and to try the marketplace alpha release.

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Original Source: Announces Partnership With ShapeShift in Preparation for Launch, Giving Users Access to Leading Cryptocurrencies
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