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Fountain of Youth Ubertrend Will Create a $200 Billion Market by 2020

Trend driven by Americans who now live 30 years longer than in 1900

LAS VEGAS - June 29, 2018 - (

Imagine a future in which people are able to steal away for a few hours during lunch and return after having shed a few inches from their waist. While getting ready for dinner, they notice their tired eyes and use a small micro-current appliance to rejuvenate them. While at dinner, a minor breakout is treated with an inexpensive pulsed light zapper slipped in a handbag before leaving the house. All of these futuristic solutions are already available today. Many more innovations like these will be in heavy use by 2030.

These phenomena are being driven by the Fountain of Youth Ubertrend, a massive wave rippling through society that's caused by the 30 years we live longer today compared to 1900. The Fountain of Youth Ubertrend, which is uniquely tracked by Ubercool Innovation® trend forecaster Michael Tchong, will lead to a $200 billion anti-aging market by 2020. The science of anti-aging is comprised of many fast-moving innovations, including hormone replacement, caloric restriction, and stem-cell therapies; body contouring and minimally invasive plastic surgery; plus anti-aging agents currently in development, including resveratrol and rapamycin.

"The future of superior longer living will be influenced by the availability of better aesthetic surgery tools and anti-aging therapies," observes Tchong. "And there will be significant pent-up demand," adds Tchong. "People 65 and older will represent 20% of the total U.S. population by 2030 and nearly double in size to 84 million by 2050, according to the U.S. Census Bureau."

"Another factor is rampant age discrimination at U.S. companies, particularly in Silicon Valley," notes Tchong. "That has lead many an older tech worker to go to greater lengths, including plastic surgery, to appear younger as they try to win over potential bosses younger than their own kids. This confluence of trends, combined with innovative advancements in anti-aging science and technology, will drive demand for anti-aging products and solutions to previously unseen levels."

About Ubercool Innovation
Ubercool Innovation LLC is a thought leader innovation incubator founded by author, entrepreneur, adjunct professor, motivational speaker and trend forecaster Michael Tchong. Ubercool Innovation is a "do tank" — it doesn't merely talk innovation, it practices what it preaches. Michael addresses audiences globally with insights on emerging trends and innovations. He is a four-time entrepreneur and the founder of ICONOCAST, CyberAtlas, Atelier Systems and MacWEEK. For more information, call 800-WAY-COOL (international: 415-335-7615) or visit

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