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Ventureon - Blockchain 3.0 is Coming

UKRAINE / ACCESSWIRE / June 26, 2018 / Blockchain is no longer a technology of the future. It is the present. Billions are being invested in the development of infrastructure, the creation of new services and financial instruments right now. Thousands of people all over the world are involved in creating new products that make the service in the blockchain better, more convenient and more useful now.

Statistics of fees for ICO projects for 2018 (source

In the overall mass of projects, fighting for the attention of investors, the "Dark Horse" has recently appeared. Unknown to this point, a team of enthusiasts has explored the needs of venture investors and startups interacting with each other in a distributed environment. Having studied the issues and highlighted the shortcomings of existing platforms, they decided not to use the existing protocols. They have created an entirely new architecture with much better characteristics from scratch.

Telling us about Blockchain Ventureon, one of its creators - Anton Sobor, provided us this:

"When we decided to create a platform to attract investments in our startups, we realized that we are not satisfied with the speed of the blockchain work, nor their consensus protocols, nor the level of user security. Our Chief developer suddenly challenged the team: "We know what we want, we know how it works - let us do it better!" All this was very inspiring and we did it."

Now Ventureon is gaining more and more enthusiastic reviews from recognized blockchain experts. Here is what they write about it:

Nikolay Shkilev (Blockchain expert, TOP 5 ICObench expert): "Now in the market, there is such a situation when the project's founders ask me every day" How to keep the value of the tokens? "Investors, in turn, ask me" When to dump? "Therefore, after listing 98% of projects are catastrophically losing in price. Before Ventureon, I did not see such elegant solutions for emissions. Yes, for speculators and trades - this is bad and they will be opponents of this system, but for investors, founders and, in general, for the ICO market - this is a real and timely exit, which dictates the market."

Expert comment by Savio Gomez (Capt, Dr, ICO Strategy Advisor):

"It seems that I am the last to comment here and my fellow advisors on this project have already dissected all that Ventureon has to offer and applauded it - and it is easy to see why. Needless to say that what the Ventureon project is doing on their own blockchain is new and different, perhaps a change that can prove to be a benefit to investors who are fed up of the continued volatility that plagues the cryptocurrency industry. It is always nice to know that a project is supported and funded by a venture fund; and that the basic value of VNN coin will be backed up by real financial reserves of the venture fund. It is apparent that a lot of thought and dedication has gone into the development of this project, including a system in place to prevent crash of the VNN exchange rate by the market speculative operations; there literally is an automatic mechanism for intervening and redeeming VNN coins at a system level via an unchangeable smart contract. The future will see that management is completely transferred to the automatic control of the smart contract system, support of the rate and VNN capitalization will be provided by the community and projects based on its platform. All this, backed by a visionary and wonderful team. We truly hope that the Ventureon project will be the change what financial traditionalists have been waiting for."

Among other advantages of the project, experts especially highlight the incredible for the blockchain speed of transaction confirmation (in the last tests the result showed more than 32,000 TPS), successfully implemented ability to conduct atomic swaps in any direction and the most interesting is the mining of the cryptocurrency without the use of the GPU. This in itself is not know-how. Many projects work on the same tasks. Some developers have managed to implement something out of this list. But it is noteworthy that Ventureon combined everything in one platform and made a prototype without having a big budget!

Now there is a stage of closed testing. The official start of Blockchain Ventureon is scheduled for August 20, 2018. The team is working on popularizing of the project, actively presenting it on the forums, collecting expert advice and looking for funding to scale the project after launch. The Ventureon team does not conduct ICO, but finances the development with the help of funds and venture investors. They commented their decision as follows: "We have a very large infrastructure project. When, at an early stage of development, we tried to present it to the community, we met with misunderstanding of the community - we proposed too radical and unusual solutions. We decided that we would not spend too many resources on creating a hype, because we did not have a proper experience for that,'' said Anton Sobor. Now the team has loyal advisors and mentors on almost all continents. They are full of optimism and believe that the project will find an interested investor without much difficulty. It is possible to imagine what profitability awaits investors of this project (with its successful implementation), considering that for entering the global market they need to attract €10 million, and similar projects with smaller characteristics already have a capitalization of billions.

SOURCE: Ventureon

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