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Press Release

Trustwire Makes Strong End-to-End Encryption Available to Everyone

Trustwire Founder and CEO Hugh Hall
Trustwire is announcing the launch of their new file exchange service. Trustwire offers end-to-end encryption with a simple, easy-to-use design so that all Internet users can take advantage of strong encryption technologies to share files securely.

By Zoey Thompson

Gaithersburgh, MD - Countless stories of data breaches over the last few years has shaken public trust in email, cloud storage, and even social media. Even the government has proven its willingness to abuse privacy rights in their searches. The security of information has never been more at risk. From currency to intellectual property, people are searching for ways to safeguard their privacy and companies like Trustwire are providing solutions. 

“Before launching Trustwire, I developed security solutions for governments and NGOs,” says founder and CEO Hugh Hall. “As a consultant, I created top-shelf encryption technology that ensured data integrity for my clients. However, I don’t believe that only governments have a right to privacy of data, which is why I developed Trustwire.”

Trustwire is an end-to-end encryption platform that will allow users to feel confident that their information is secure from public and private access. Based off of the same technology used by the government to protect their IP and intelligence data, Trustwire utilizes publickey encryption to protect user information from hackers and even law enforcement.

“Governments, our own and others, access our private information all the time without a warrant,” says Hall.  “If people used Trustwire encryption for their data that would be impossible. Think of all the recent political issues involving data,and you begin to see how important encryption can be. Had Hillary Clinton used us instead of her email for classified information, she might be president now. Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen’s data was unprotected allowing the FBI to access it for their investigation. Tools like Trustwire give us back control of our data.”

Trustwire is an implementation breakthrough in encryption technology.  It combines proven open-source encryption technologies with an easy-to-use design to make complex, strong, end-to-end encryption accessible to all Internet users. File sharing has never been easier or safer. Currently, the company is working with journalists across the globe to develop encryption solutions that will protect their sources and reduce fear as they investigate critical political issues.

For more information, visit their website.  

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