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Press Release

Preferred Health Magazine Innovates with Immersive, Relatable Stories

June 19, 2018 - The Preferred Health Magazine is creating a welcome change in the narrative when it comes to publications for healthcare industry and patients. Brought out by Patient Preferred Physicians and Practitioners (PPP), an organization that meticulously selects the most notable and in-demand healthcare professionals, the magazine has changed the tone of content usually found in health organization magazines and doctor publications.

Preferred Health Magazine has broken away from the usual criteria found in doctor magazines, some of which are mostly focused on profiling doctors and staff. It instead focuses on stories that grab attention and immerse the readers, news that is most current and happening, exclusive interviews, and new discoveries and trends in the healthcare sector.

"We are much more than just an outlet for showcasing our members," said PHM Editor, Lauren Good. "When we looked around, we noticed that some doctor magazines were just pages and pages of profiles. We wanted our doctors, our PPP members; and their patients to be able to enjoy reading our articles or feel free to submit some of their own for publication.”

This focus on attracting the readers’ attention and offering content they would enjoy reading sets Preferred Health Magazine, or the PPP magazine, apart from the rest. Among its pages, one will find health articles, write ups on government studies, new technologies, ‘Patient Preferred’ spotlight members and entertainment.

PPP is a popular healthcare platform set up to focus on well-reputed, highly-referred and patient-approved healthcare practitioners who are providing exceptional treatment in their field. The selected practitioners are those who have been patient reviewed, rated, and invested in their practice. Promoted in countrywide search engines, PPP doctors enjoy specially designed products and services which successfully brand their services.

The Preferred Health Magazine looks to enhance the PPP platform in a fun and entertaining way as well as further branding its exclusive, top-rated members. “The magazine is just another way we can expand an already amazing company," Mrs. Good explained, "but we want it to be something our members can also treat themselves to after a long hard day."

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