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Ouna CEO: Taking the next leap in HR and recruitment

"Ouna CEO: We're taking the next leap in HR and recruitment"

As one of the most important keys to the productivity and ultimate success of any company, recruitment needs to be quick, easy, cheap and above all, effective. Too many resources are thrown into ineffective onboarding processes that drag on for months, don't directly contribute to output and often end in failure. But there's a high-tech product to fix all of that, and it's called Ouna.

"The internet was the last big change in HR and recruitment and we want to take the next big leap," says Ouna CEO Meir Hefetz. "To put it simply, Ouna is a blockchain-based, solution that's going to improve the recruitment process."

That's a big boast. Despite its inefficiencies and frustrations, the recruitment process fulfills its function as is, and it's done so for decades. So, what makes Ouna so different? According to Meir, Ouna network is a game changer concept that matches the best profiles for an open position not only based on experience and expertise, but personality motivational factors and most important organizational values. That means happier, more productive employees who are less likely to leave, saving companies countless dollars and work hours on recruitment and connecting candidates with the opportunities they dream of.

"What we're doing, which is the really exciting is for example a prospective candidates log onto the OUNA platform and complete the Pyramidal assessment, the results are transformed into UNIQUE MATHEMATICAL PROFILES and stored anonymously on OUNA’S Blockchain network, hiring Employers log into the OUNA platform and runs Ouna assessment on his top performing employee in the position that needs to be filled, generating THE IDEAL EMPLOYEE PROFILE for the organization, then the employer runs this PROFILE through OUNA’s network and identifies the candidate profiles that best match their requirements, matching employers with the best candidates in any given position that needs to be filled," he says, "and it all comes down to our algorithm and 5 years of Academic research and data collection, while Blockchain manages the entire process with smart contracts. There really is no part of this project that doesn't rely on the technologies of the future."

Ouna's online assessment takes only 15-min to complete and as part of our onboarding strategy we are planning to giveaway 1.5M worth of Ouna tokens for candidates that will take the assessment and verify their identity this and the anonymous profile will enable us to have excess not only to job seekers also to highly skilled employees that are currently employed but will consider an upgrade due to the fact that they can decide to reveal their identity or reject to offer.

And where is Ouna going from here?

"Endorsed by Jeff Pulver and Amir Student from Alchemist we are currently gearing up for an ICO, during which we'll issue two billion of our own unique tokens," says Meir. "We want to raise 37,500 Ethereum with that. Those are funds that are going to be put into
all kinds of future R&D and Big Data analysis optimization for our product as well as marketing initiatives."

Ouna has already laid out ambitious goals for itself, extending into 2019, which include creating a secured peer-to-peer network to connect between employers and candidates and establishing an academy for training in their methods in different cultures around the world.

With Ouna's ICO on the horizon, it's time to get involved in this project and put your recruitment headaches behind you.

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Phone: 972548808801
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