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Deep Sleep Home Furniture Trading Introduces EMF Protected WHISPER Mattress Online

Dubai, UAE - June 11, 2018 - (

​​Over 30 years of research and hard work, professional sleepers and material engineers at Deep Sleep Home Furniture Trading LLC  have developed the technology, fabrics, and revolutionary foam that are the essential components of the  WHISPER mattress and pillow. The WHISPER mattress and pillow are premium sleeping products that suit sleepers from any part of the world. The self-cleaning products also takes care of the pain of sleeping and give the sleeper rest and refreshed body upon waking up.

“The journey of the WHISPER bed and pillow started more than three decades ago,” commented one the Deep Sleep Home Furniture Trading Managing Director. “Decades of research and feedback on sleep experiences from around the world which all pointed to the need for sleeping products that would enable them to wake up refreshed and invigorated. We have developed our sleeping products to help people become healthier and feel happier. Many people dread going to sleep because when they awake, they wake up more tired than before they laid down and with aches all over the body. We took our time, did our research and collected information. Then our expert tech guys sat down and formulated the best sleep mattress and pillow anyone has ever seen. The WHISPER set of mattress and pillow was born.”

To order bed mattress in UAE from the Deep Sleep Home Furniture Trading website, the sleep set is available at The premium mattress and pillow are superior to any other available anywhere and are designed to provide a better, more restful sleep at a cost that is friendly. The WHISPER mattress and pillow are body and mind re-energizing and always prepare the user to wake up refreshed and ready to face the day feeling happy and healthy.

Continued the Managing Director, “We developed our patented technology mattress and pillow in over three decades because we took our time to work on something that would finally put a stop to the torture that has been happening to people when they sleep. Sleep is supposed to be restful, a time for the body and soul to rejuvenate and recharge. Given that we sleep at least 8 hours a day, it means in a lifetime, we spend a third of our time sleeping, and that is a long time to spend in an uncomfortable and painful situation. Our WHISPER mattress and pillow creation were geared towards removing pain out of sleep and make the third part of our lives when we rest become restful times indeed.”

What makes the WHISPER mattress the best mattress in Dubai is its ability to protect the user from harmful electromagnetic (EMF) waves from electronics near the sleeping area. It is a known fact that TV sets, phones and computers and other electronics all emit harmful electromagnetic waves that affect the brain and interfere with sleep. The WHISPER mattress has been designed with a unique feature that is called a Silver Shield. The Silver Shield is a grounding cable that is attached to the mattress and plugged into any socket or power source near the bed. Thus connected, the Silver Shield creates an invisible covering above that stops any EMF wares from reaching the sleeping area.

About Deep Sleep Home Furniture Trading LLC 

Deep Sleep Home Furniture Trading LLC are the creators and manufacturers of WHISPER mattress and pillow, and they run the, which is the website where to buy mattress in Dubai. The mattress and pillow have come with a 100 night, risk-free, sleep trial. After purchasing the WHISPER mattress and pillow manufactured by Deep Sleep Home Furniture Trading through their website, the customer is free to try the product for 100 days. If they do not like it, they can return it with no questions asked and receive their full refund.

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