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Press Release

Ayahuasca Healings Is a One Stop Online Destination for All Information Relating to Ayahuasca

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Mountain View, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2018 -- A one of a kind Amazonian plant blend, Ayahuasca is capable of instigating altered conditions of consciousness, generally enduring between 4 to 8 hours after consumption. Ayahuasca is utilized principally as a medicine and as a shamanic methods of communication, normally in a ceremonial sessions under the direction of an accomplished practitioner with effects ranging from somewhat stimulating to a great degree visionary. It actuates a hallucinogenic, visionary perspective and this impact is utilized by different people for various reasons. Ayahuasca is taken by shamans or medicine men for the purpose of communicating with nature or to perceive what is causing illness to a patient on a spiritual level. In Brazil a few religions can be discovered that rotate around social affairs where ayahuasca is taken by all members. Drinking Ayahuasca and singing all together brings them into a mending and motivating sort of daze. While some prefer to try Ayahuasca for an alternate experience, most notably, transformation, others just take it for its healing powers. Many patients who are unsatisfied with their post traumatic stress disorder or depression medications swing to Ayahuasca; some with terminal illness like cancer likewise try it hoping to improve their condition. Ayahuasca has also been found to potentially cure drug addiction, and other serious mental health complications.

Informational website Ayahuasca Healings provides an in-depth description of the various uses, benefits, and other important information about Ayahuasca. The website is operated by Trinity de Guzman who tried Ayahuasca back in 2013 with the intention to develop spiritually and get an in-depth understanding of the world and of him. He has shared his life changing experience and all necessary things related to trying Ayahuasca in this website. Ayahuasca Healing offers valuable insight into the true meaning of Ayahuasca, who should try it and who should not, the concerns with the way Ayahuasca is being popularized over the world, and more. The website also offers visitors who are new to Ayahuasca 10 lessons about it, including how to find the ideal shaman for directing a Ayahuasca ceremony, how to shield oneself, and how to extract the most out of the journey with it.

Ayahuasca Healings is also offering an 8 day Ayahuasca Retreat Immersion at El Camino Sagrado Holistic Healing Center, Peru. Individuals can find all necessary information about this one of a kind experience on the website only, including retreat information, team members, schedule and pricing, application process, and much more.

About Ayahuasca Healings
Ayahuasca Healings is a one stop online destination run by Trinity de Guzman containing valuable information on all thing related to Ayahuasca. Relevant information about their 8 day Ayahuasca Retreat Immersion in Peru is also posted in this website.

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