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WONO Unites Airbnb, Turo And Upwork Functions On Blockchain

RUSSIA, EUROPE / ACCESSWIRE / June 4, 2018 / Booming of peer-to-peer economy and blockchain are two global trends of the last couple of years. Combining them in one project seemed quite logical, and finally, such a startup showed up.

The core idea of WONO is to unite all kinds of sharing of both physical and invisible assets, letting literally monetize anything you possess, including your own human resource. That means that on WONO you can rent out your flat while you leave for a vacation, or find a freelance job. Tokens you earn can be spent on other users' property or services. And since tokens in most countries are determined as digital assets, all transactions are legally tax-free. Plus no currency or cryptocurrency exchange loss.

"The idea sounds easy but surprisingly nobody invented anything like this before. All blockchain projects, dealing with the P2P economy, offer tokenization of a single market niche. Using such a service you lose all benefits of blockchain: when you withdraw earnings, you lose money on exchanging. If you convert it to fiat, you'll have to pay taxes. WONO users won't have such problems" - promises WONO CEO Alex Esaulov.

As team members comment, at WONO you'll have no restrictions for token withdrawal, but the platform will offer many opportunities to spend earnings. "We'll also offer some unique features. For example, trusted deals. This scheme lets you spend tokens which are yet to be received according to the smart contract you've signed before as a vendor. Or crowd insurance. This lets any user become a guarantor for a deal and make a stake that it will end successfully. If everything goes right, you get your stake back plus a bonus. If the deal is cancelled, your stake will be given as a compensation to the affected party. The list goes on - all features are mentioned in our whitepaper" - says WONO COO Andrei Chepelev.

Now WONO team is focused on the proof of concept and private pre-sales. ICO is scheduled to the end of July.

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