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Press Release

INGOT Coin empowering Blockchain to integrate cryptocurrencies with physical payment

INGOT, with more than 25 years of experience, entered the financial market in 1993, its mission is to close the existing gap between the market of cryptocurrencies with the traditional banking system by having its own ecosystem, based on the Blockchain technology.

But not only tries to achieve this through the ICOs or its so-called IC Ecosystem but has taken the initiative to try to add different approaches with great ideas, with teams that strive to provide innovative services to their communities, creating the Group of INGOT Coins.

INGOT Coin or, also known as IC is a decentralized cryptocurrency that offers benefits and discounts within its ecosystem. Also, it is the first fully integrated wallet with a digital bank, broker, exchange certifier and ICO accelerator. All its components are wrapped in its IC Ecosystem, allowing them to collaborate in a single and complete system, which rewards the token and consumer holders who trust and contribute to its growth.

The IC Ecosystem

Established in Estonia, the INGOT group maintains, over the years, its primary objective: to revive the lost unit and the demand of both markets through the establishment of 6 components that work in unison and together in a single habitat. Which are: IC wallet, IC exchange, IC brokerage, IC Digital Bank, IC certifier and ICO Accelerator IC. In this way, they offer the way to capitalize the next opportunities in all markets for their collaborators.

A statement by Iman Mutlaq, group director and founder of INGOT Coin, which has more than 20 years of experience in the market: "INGOT Coin will create a complete solution integrating six basic components of the ecosystem and providing a single window for digital assets, traditional assets and currency markets. "

Likewise, the IC Ecosystem will maintain the support, services, and links throughout the day, to keep the connection between markets 24 hours a day. Its primary function of this system is to provide the fastest and safest entry and exit mechanism for both parties. They will cause the reassignment and trading techniques to be as efficient as possible. Avoiding the complications that time brings.

As explained by Ahmed Khawanky, CMO of INGOT COIN: "Our IC Ecosystem will make direct, profitable, brief and more available operations throughout the day, through the use of distributed technologies and discarding the problems associated with intermediaries and third-party banks, such as high rates, unavailability and time consumption. Having been in the market since 1993, we can see that as technology progresses, markets are more efficient. "

Team INGOT Coin

Captained by Iman Mutlaq - Jordanian entrepreneur, financier and social activist. She is involved in the investment and promoting projects that improve women's creativity and ideas. It also points to applications for mobile devices through its startup, Dreamtech. In addition to founding Sigma Investments Group, her first startup. In 2017, Forbes magazine ranked her among "The 100 Most Powerful Arab Businesswomen". The INGOT Coin Group aims to explore all the ways to improve their community further. To achieve this, they try to combine the different utility functions that tokens have with those that count. At the same time, they explore the methods of integration with other ecosystems. Because they know that better than having a single public service benefit, is to obtain many more benefits from a unified and different ICO. But how will the INGOT Coin team make it possible? Well with the use of distributed technologies to get rid of third-party intermediaries to solve problems that have plagued the traditional banking system, such as high fees, lack of availability of service and continuous waiting periods.

The route traced by INGOT Coin.

It does not speculate, but it sets a goal year after year because it has defined what its steps will be until 2020. Avoiding leaving things adrift. 2018, as planned, completed a solid business model integrating a solution of digital banking, digital wallet and brokerage and exchange, while providing an ICO crypto and accelerator certificate.

While, for 2019, it has specified to open the IC Digital Bank for all businesses. So, this bank will have all the licenses that will provide various services such as checking accounts, electronic payments, fund management and custody tasks.

Finally, for the fourth quarter of 2020, they plan to present a solution using smart contracts to increase traceability and reliability in the physical trade of products such as wheat, corn, soybeans or other agricultural products.

In a few, INGOT Coin will break the gaps to unify the traditional market with that of cryptocurrencies. Visit their website and be attentive to the launch of new investment opportunities.

This year, the INGOT Coin team has fulfilled its goals by closing a strategic alliance with Modern Finance Chain. Your union guarantees the liquidity of the Modern Finance Chain Payment solution by transferring access to different liquidity funds through INGOT Coin and its cryptocurrency partners. At the same time, it will allow customers many solutions aimed at promoting the migration of cryptocurrencies. This partnership and future ones are essential for the goal that INGOT Coin has planned: to consolidate an ecosystem that breaks the barriers between the cryptographic market and the traditional one.

Media Contact
Company Name: INGOT Coin
Contact Person: Ahmed Khawanky
Email: Send Email
Phone: +962779099077
Address:Parda tn 4-411-1
City: Center of City District
State: Tallinn Harju County 10151
Country: Estonia

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