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Press Release

Mike Mark Posts Article On How To Develop An Inexpensive Facebook Advertising Strategy

Mike Marko, owner and founder of Cincinnati, OH-based digital marketing agency IM Consultant Services, has released his latest blog post titled, 'Uncovering the Best Inexpensive Facebook Advertising Strategy'. In the blog post, Mike Marko explains how businesses can use Facebook ads to their advantage and how to create a strategy that is highly effective and has a positive impact on sales figures. In addition, he explains how to achieve this in an affordable manner.

Mike Marko says: "Recent changes on Facebook's newsfeed made it harder for posts published by businesses to be seen. The decrease in organic visibility resulted in their heavy reliance on sponsored posts to reach their audience. With Facebook, brand awareness can now only be achieved by spending money. However, this does not always mean that it has to be expensive."

The blog post provides a number of key tips to get the most out of Facebook advertising without having to spend too much. Key tips include only paying for what is actually needed and avoiding the targeting of groups of users. Marko explains: "If you need to generate leads or increase sales, then target your audience individually. The best way to target an individual is through the creation of a custom audience and lookalike audience."

Furthermore, Marko stresses the importance of monitoring the business' Facebook ad strategy so that action can be taken if there are insufficient or no results. He also highlights the potential impact of Pervasive Presence, a strategy that he has personally used and experienced success with, and he would be happy to provide others with training on this.

IM Consultant Services, meanwhile, also offers a wealth of important services aside from informative blog posts. Mike Marko's goal is to ensure people can become successful online regardless of the business venture they undertake. Services provided include SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, online marketing funnels, press releases, pay per click, search engine marketing, website design, and blog content. People are encouraged to contact the agency for all their Facebook marketing needs and more.


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