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Press Release

Down To Earth Launches New Peel Off Mask

peel off maskPhoenix -- Down to Earth, a health and beauty company that believes in combining the power of nature with the power of science, is proud to announce the release of their latest product, a peel off mask. This mask has been designed to rejuvenate the skin, leaving it feeling and looking younger.

Paul Bohm, spokesman for Down to Earth, says: "Our mask contains nothing but goodness for your skin. A full list of ingredients has been provided on our website, but the mask includes humectants and moisturizers, lifting agents and collagen stimulators, antioxidants and skin repairing agents, exfoliating and skin resurfacing agents, skin brightening agents, and a cleansing agent. Put together, these will leave your skin looking and feeling radiant and youthful."

The new peel off mask is part of the range of anti aging skin care products that Down To Earth offers. Besides the peel off mask, the company also offers a clay detoxifying mask with exfoliants. Both products use a wealth of natural ingredients designed to be of benefit to the skin.

All Down to Earth products are based on a proprietary blend of ingredients know as the 'Essential 5.' Bohm continues: "Down To Earth products for skin care contain a proprietary blend of five of the world's most powerful antioxidants: acai berry, goji berry, blueberry, blackberry and turmeric. The Essential 5 are also included in our new peel off mask, which is what gives the mask its antioxidant power. It is vital that you protect your facial skin with antioxidants because it is continuously exposed to so many different toxins and pollutants."

Down to Earth Skin Care has developed some of the most popular skin care products on the market today. They believe that the formula for beauty is nature + science, a formula that they apply to all their products. In so doing, they are able to provide their customers with nature-based skin care products formulated through years of experience.

Their products are currently available on


Contact Down To Earth:

Paul Bohm
2525 E. Beardsley Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85050

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