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Press Release

The international blockchain and the cryptocurrency association are officially open to global membership applications and registration.

The HCSSA Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit were hosted at Harvard Science Center Hall on 29th April, 2018. The International Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association (IBCA) was the main co-organizer.

The HCSSA Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit were hosted at Harvard Science Center Hall on 29th April, 2018. The International Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association (IBCA) was the main co-organizer. Harvard University is the United States' oldest institution of higher learning, can be found high on global rankings and Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) has ranked Harvard as the world's best university every year since it was first released.

There were several summits or meetings in the world and IBCA was the co-organizer or the cooperate unit society at summits or meetings such as FINWISE SUMMIT (MACAU), FINWISE SUMMIT (TOKYO), ASIA-PACIFIC BLOCKCHAIN FORUM (JAPAN), 2018 ASIA BLOCKCHAIN APPLICATION CONGRESS(SHANGHAI), WORLD BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT (DUBAI). Other than these kinds of summits, a conference in Singapore, and a meetup, IBCA has also organized tours for studying abroad in the United States and Japan. Moreover, IBCA was also invited as a guest or speaker to many events.

The International Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association(IBCA) is a non-profit international organization which based in Singapore. It promotes the globalization of blockchain, speeds up blockchain technology, develops application software and improves the popularity of blockchain, establishing connections between enterprises, institute, and capital.It aims to promote the research, standardization, implementation, and development of blockchain around the world. To promote better service technology innovation and social progress in the blockchain through the online community and offline conferences to strengthen the communication between industry, interactive communication, and resources connection. IBCA currently has two committees: the international blockchain application committee (International Blockchain Application Federation), and the international digital currency committee. Global blockchain enterprises, industrial chain companies, academic and research institutions, local blockchain NGOs, practitioners, and enthusiasts can apply for admission voluntarily.

IBCA currently has open applications for membership. According to the rules of “membership management”, the membership fee is divided into free associate-membership, official member 4ETH/ year and honorary membership 10ETH/ year. Take the blockchain enterprise A as an example. ‘A’ shall fill in the application form and submit relevant documents and supporting documents according to the requirements. After the approval of the IBCA, ‘A’ shall become an associate member, and the associate member becomes an official member after paying the membership fee. In addition, the researcher membership 4ETH/ year is only limited to the staff of the non-profit organization to apply for post-application (government personnel, NGO representatives, university lecturers or students, scientific research experts, media, and authors, etc.) on the basis of having proof of employment or use of the post office email suffix.

All paying members will enjoy the benefits and rewards of members. For example, for the IBCA co-sponsor or co-sponsored conferences, each meeting will give a certain percentage of complimentary tickets randomly. Other than that, IBCA members will enjoy the discount price for VIP tickets, conference speeches and booths, forum sharing, naming, and LOGO display and other chances for input into the business. IBCA members can use their membership, certificates, and medals for personal and corporate branding, as well as other member rights.

Subsequent meetings of IBCA's cooperative in May include the World Blockchain Conference 3 am Summit Singapore, Fintech & Blockchain Fair 2018 Bexco Korea and Iworld China 2018. A total of more than 30 activities worldwide are expected to be included in the second half of 2018. IBCA has already invited industry leaders and guests to summit meetings all around the world to establish partnerships. As well as this, the association will organize members to exchange, study and inspect regularly. Member can apply for assistance and support from the association for any events, and member units will be able to publish the project dynamic in the association's official website. IBCA is building its own think tank alliance and media alliance. Now, the membership dynamic has been supported on media platforms such as Sohu, Sina, NetEase, Alibaba, etc.

You will officially become a member after 5 business days. IBCA provides membership certificates and exclusive business name-cards, and the official website of the association will list your membership information.

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