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Press Release

Pensacola Breathing Systems Supplier Updates Website

Breathing Systems Inc., a breathing systems supplier in Pensacola, FL, is proud to announce that they have updated their website. The new site now includes a direct contact form, making it easier for people to gather information on the different systems offered. People can also continue to contact the company through telephone or email.

Josh Word from Breathing Systems says: "We are a privately-owned business that designs, manufactures, and services Life Support Systems used throughout the petroleum refining, petrochemical, and liquid natural gas industries during catalyst handling, inspection, and repair operations. By updating our website, we have made it easier than ever before for people to contact us."

Providing Pensacola life support systems, the company has provided vital services to the petroleum and gas industry in the country. Their systems include two and four man air control systems, helmet assembly, safety harnesses, umbilicals, egress reducer assembly, interconnect hose assembly, and purge and sample panels. Besides life support systems, they also offer communications systems, spare parts, and testing equipment. Effectively, they have all the necessary tools to keep workers safe and efficient.

"We have provided quality products and services for over 21 years, establishing a strong reputation in the industry," adds Josh Word. "With our experienced, diverse, and highly skilled team, we keep working to achieve the company mission of being a world leader in the production and sale of life support equipment, while providing the best value to our customers."

The Pensacola breathing systems supplier also holds a NIOSH Certification and a CE Certification, thereby further guaranteeing the quality of their systems. They encourage everyone to look through their website for product offerings to see how they can improve their operations with ease. Josh Word says: "In 1973 a major North American petroleum refining company pioneered man entry into nitrogen purged catalytic reactors with Life Support System helmets. Their success led to a gradual acceptance of this new method for downtime reduction. Today, downtime savings in the industry are measured in hundreds of millions of dollars annually. That is what we can help you with. Contact us today through our website for more information on what we have to offer."

For more information about Breathing Systems Inc., please call (850) 477-2324 or visit


Contact Breathing Systems Inc.:

Josh Word
(850) 477-2324
8800 Grow Drive Pensacola, FL 32514

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