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Konrad Kafarski Recommends Google Plus for Small Business Success

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Lake Forest, CA (PRWEB) July 27, 2011

Konrad Kafarski and his independent consulting firm Special K Enterprises herald the new Google Plus social network as the new best tool for small business looking for an edge in today's competitive marketplace. With clients across the nation, Konrad Kafarski knows that branding small and medium sized businesses can be difficult. With so many demands on consumers' attention, attracting the attention businesses need to grow and succeed can be difficult, especially in this economy. That's why Konrad Kafarski and Special K Enterprises believe Google Plus is a great new tool for small business, and one they will enthusiastically recommend to their clients.

The business community has started to recognize that social media of all types are an essential component of a successful outreach strategy and can produce huge gains in visibility and customer contentment. However, the unique 'Circle' approach of Google Plus is especially well designed for simple and easy interaction. For instance, Special K Enterprises often suggests "humanizing" key corporate figures and ensuring the business has a personal touch and a human face representing it.

Google Plus' person-centric design lets decision makers engage with consumers on a one to one level, gaining key insights into how products are used and appreciated, and giving individuals the feeling their concerns are taken seriously. That kind of one on one interaction is a boon to any company, as a well handled social media strategy that allows top leaders to engage the outside world inevitably pays dividends in public perception. As a bonus, this kind of direct interaction often gives corporate leaders key insights about their customer base that enhance the business' competitiveness. Because of this alone, Konrad Kafarski suggests small and medium sized business seriously consider adding Google Plus to their social media outreach.

Konrad Kafarski also recommends businesses look for ways to promote themselves as "leaders in their field," and Google Plus provides an excellent way to engage with thought-leaders who define what the world thinks. Especially now, Google Plus offers a high percentage of those thought-leaders, people who are well respected in their field and often called on by the media to provide perspective on the world at large. By engaging in quality, public conversations with these leaders, a strong small business can raise its profile dramatically and reap extraordinary gains from wider public awareness. If there is a 21'st century analogue to the elevator pitch, Google Plus is it.

Finally, Special K Enterprises often sees businesses, especially those that have grown rapidly, lose the edge they once had as a tight knit, hardworking team. While Special K Enterprises has a number of recommendations for businesses that want to keep a "startup culture" as they grow and become successful, they note that one of the most important aspects is keeping communication alive inside and between different teams. A high level of cross team communication is often one of the biggest predictors of the future success of a company, but it can be difficult to maintain with today's globalized operations.

Because of Google Plus' unique approach to privacy settings, allowing users to define "circles" that only receive certain messages, the new social media site offers tantalizing possibilities for enabling communication inside a company. This "company social network" idea has been tried before by Fortune 500 companies with huge success, but Google Plus is the first to offer an "out of the box" design for small companies. Konrad Kafarski expects the use of Google Plus as a company social network to increase rapidly, with great success.

For more information on Konrad Kafarski, his approach to small business success, and his recognized business consulting group Special K Enterprises, visit or visit the upcoming blog for Konrad Kafarski.

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