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DSPOne, High Tech Pioneer, Enters Lucrative Vietnamese Market

SEOUL, KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / April 10, 2018 / Mr. Hong, Dongho, Chairman, CEO, founder and principal shareholder of DSPONE, a successful and profitable technology venture company and holder of 11 major patents, announced today that after 10 years of cutting-edge research and development and technical know-how in Digital Signal Processing, it was planning to enter the lucrative and growing Vietnamese market. Mr. Hong said that DSP's main focus would be to market its anti-theft devices, electric charging stations and battery swapping technology in the burgeoning Vietnamese market for bicycles, electric motorcycles, and motorbikes, and scooters.

DSP One's first product deploying to the Vietnamese market will be E-Moto. E-Moto is an anti-theft protection device that sends the GPS signal to the owner's smartphone through any of 2G/3G/4G environments. This development resulted from the creation of DSP's unique Digital Signal Processing Board, which has been used for more than 10 years by major Korean companies, including SK Telecom and Korea Telecom.

There are approximately 50,000,000 bicycles in Vietnam, which is the world's 4th largest market following China, India, and Indonesia. With its total population is 90,000,000, Viet Nam has by far, the highest registration rate of these vehicles compared to any other country in the world. Vietnam is an extremely attractive market as the bicycle is a daily necessity and the #1 priority of most households. It also has the highest theft rate, where, in the last 2 years, a bicycle is stolen every 10 seconds. There are approximately 3,000,000 new registrations every year. DSP is confident that its E-Moto anti-theft device will find a large and receptive market.

DSP One has completed the field testing of comparability to Vietnam wireless network for the E-Moto with 200 bicycles at two of the largest Vietnam telecom companies, Viettel and Mobifone. Viettel had sold 300,000 Chinese bicycle tracking systems in 2016 but ceased these sales, due to complications of installation, low quality and the lack of an adequate platform DSP One believes that its E-Moto will be successful in servicing this now abandoned market segment.

DSP One substantially improved the E-Moto GPS tolerance within 2.5m, thus enabling it to track precise locations. DSPOne uses Data Optimization Technique for sending Location data and Event data. Therefore, monthly data usage is only 55MB which both minimizes network traffic load and applied low power digital wireless technique while maximizing battery life. DSP One provides not only the devices but also the total platform including APP, related server, and system, etc. to the Wireless Service Providers.

This proprietary technology, called Appropriate Tech (AT), was optimized to service markets with poor wireless network environments, while providing low-cost solutions for low economic environments, for example, $300 per month. AT was focused on the service platform so as to minimize both the wireless network load as well as considering the Vietnamese culture and user situations.

DSP One is entering the Vietnamese market with its strength of technology and products and history of satisfied customers In November 2016, DSP One attended the Smart City Road Show in Vietnam and executed an MOU with DINOSYS, a local company, to provide Electric Scooter and related products and services. Also, in 2017, a delegation from the Ministry of Transportation of Vietnam visited DSP One's facilities in Korea to discuss government policy regarding the Electric Bicycle.

DSP One was selected as one of the top 5 small-mid size companies and was invited to a Presidential Visit to Vietnam the past March which was attended by President Moon. Also, the Minister of Technology and Communication of Korea visited DSPOne's office in Hanoi and recognized the company as the leading small technology venture company. DSPOne is in the final negotiation stages with Viettel's top management to finalize its purchase of E-Moto products.

DSPOne also plans to launch its Electric Bicycle in Vietnam. The Vietnamese government announced its 2025 Vietnam Motorcycle Industry Development Plan and Vision and its policy to vigorously support the industry. Also, they will only allow Electric Motorcycles to enter Hanoi and Ho Chi Min City beginning in 2020. DSPOne will manufacture an Electric Motorcycle which it will export to Vietnam which has FTA with Korea. Eventually, DSPOne intends to build a Vietnamese plant to service the entire Southeast Asian market.

430,000,000 motorcycles are registered currently, and 130,000,000 motorcycles are expected to be sold in 2018 in 9 countries in Southeast Asia. The demand for Electric motorcycles is continuously increasing in this huge Southeast Asian motorcycle market, and DSPOne intends to rule this market with its E-Moto line of products and services.


Mr. Hong, Dongho,
Chairman, CEO


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