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Press Release

WIZBL Blockchain Platform Offering a Simple Approach For Online Transactions

Works With Many Online Currencies to Create Faster Transactions That Make P2P Deals Easy to Follow

Singapore - April 9, 2018 - The WIZBL blockchain platform is designed to work as a real-time platform that works with P2P verification functions in mind. This creates P2P ledgers that establish a better financial platform where the risk of hacking will be minimal.

The WIZBL blockchain marks the 5th generation of blockchain technology available. This works in that people can get a cryptocurrency transferred to the WIZBL platform and then used to purchase one of the various items from a P2P network. This can work for many products including tech equipment, fashions and much more. The setup of the WIZBL chain makes it easier for items to be sold securely.

Previous generations of the blockchain have helped WIZBL to work with a distinct platform for managing cryptocurrencies. P2P transactions are quickly validated as those currencies are transferred into the WIZBL coin. Transactions are verified over the WIZBL network to produce new blocks on the chain every few seconds. This does well for creating a scalable system that does not use more resources than necessary. The data structures involved in the platform are also much easier to use than what people often work with elsewhere.

This option for a blockchain for large corporation works with a simple layout. A WIZBL wallet can be used here. WIZBL coins can be received for one’s use after being paid for goods or services that one provides. These coins can then be used to be exchanged for other currencies or to be used for promoting one’s business. The extensive layout of the currency makes for a smart design that is vital for use.

WIZBL has been invested in this solution for a blockchain for large corporation needs. In fact, WIZBL is promoting the development of this system by offering 100 actual gold coins with the WIZBL symbol on it. Each coin has a serial number on it; boxing legend Manny Pacquaio has the #17 coin.

People looking to learn about the 5th generation of blockchain technology through the WIZBL platform and to learn more about the coin can visit the official website for the currency system at

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