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Press Release

VEPO Analytix Launches Monitoring Service for Meter Data Management Software and IoT Devices

VEPO Analytix offers a smart, cost-effective outsourced solution for Water Utilities to help manage their Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

Elmsford, NY (PRUnderground) March 20th, 2018

Operating a Water Utility is neither simple or easy. It has in fact, become more challenging especially with the adoption of fixed-based metering infrastructures and IoT devices that require daily monitoring to insure maximum system performance. Fortunately, VEPO Analytix has created an alternative to having in-house human capital performing the daily monitoring and analyzing. VEPO Analytix, a division of the Elmsford, New York-based VEPO Solutions, recently announced the launch of their new outsourced monitoring service. AMI Systems that offer real time data and valuable information, have forced Water Utilities to address how much of their internal staff will be responsible to monitor and manage these new insights into their water distribution system. VEPO Analytix provides dedicated trained technicians that constantly monitor, analyze, and report on the invaluable data being generated from the Water Utilities Advanced Metering Infrastructures.

“We are very excited to offer this mission critical service to new and existing AMI customers to help them better manage their water distribution system and receive the Return on Investment they anticipated from their capital expenditure. Because of our years of experience installing AMI systems, and the close working partnership we have with our customers, the technological challenges they face every day became very apparent. Managing, monitoring, analyzing, reporting and communicating information from AMI infrastructures is a full-time job. We are pleased to alleviate the burden of this responsibility, so water utilities can deploy their human resources in other cost-effective ways” stated Alan Seiler CEO of VEPO Solutions.

VEPO Analytix, offers a very wide and extensive range of services, including: daily maintenance activities recommended by the AMI manufacturer, monitoring AMI network health, operating meter data management software, maintaining integration of Customer Information Systems, and the production of Daily, Weekly and Monthly customized reports. The team will also identify and implement software updates available from the AMI manufacturer for the head end system and required field tools. Additionally, for the water utilities with an existing AMI System, the VEPO Analytix team will identify endpoints not communicating properly, track malfunctioning meters, and locate any potential coverage issues with the AMI network. VEPO Analytix will work with the utility to fix existing issues by either providing detailed instructions on how to troubleshoot equipment, or through the provision of a VEPO Analytix field technician to complete necessary repairs.

VEPO Analytix will deliver a set of services that saves Water Utilities money and time, dramatically increasing their efficiency. Feedback from the industry has been quick to endorse the new service. A Water Utility Operator commented “Not having to worry about staffing and training a monitoring team ourselves, which we have done in the past and were plagued with constant turnover, will help us immensely. This approach will be far more cost effective and efficient.”

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About VEPO Analytix

VEPO Analytix offers Water Utilities the ability to outsource the management of their Meter Data Management Software (MDM) to trained professionals located in their corporate offices. VEPO Analytix professionals provide constant monitoring, managing, analyzing and reporting on the Water Utility’s MDM Software and IoT devices.

Press Contact

Name: Josh Ordway
Phone: 877-860-8376

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