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Questions to Ask When Selecting a Spray Foam Insulation Company

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At this time of the season, it is quite common that homeowners and realtors start looking at options to reduce their air conditioning bills. One tremendous way of achieving it which has been proven over time is to install the spray polyurethane foam (SPF).

The advantages this type of insulation is numerous and cannot be overestimated. The advantages include but not limited to reduced air infiltration which not only lowers energy costs but also improves indoor comfort. Reduction in energy costs is a big tradeoff here as the costs could go through the roof sometimes.

However, for a drastic reduction in energy, the house-owners must work closely with the spray foam insulation specialists to fully understand the product and its implications.

The choice of the specialist is also very important here. To get the right specialists, below are some important questions to be asked; 

Duration in business?

To put it in another perspective, how long has the prospective contractor or specialist being business? Time is of essence if you must choose the right contractor as he would have worked on different projects.

The specialist or the company that you choose must always be of six to seven years old and preferably over ten years old in Spray Foam Insulation business. The reason being that spray foam insulation start showing problems when they get four or five years old. Any manufacturer could offer warranties for the material cost. Many Spray Foam Insulation companies make the mistake of using foam based on price.

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After four to five years, they suddenly discovered that an increasing number of customers would want them to fix their problems. With this sudden problem, the contractor won't have any option other than to shut down the business and disappear.

Going for almost a decade old company gives you the assurance that they would be giving you quality material and service and would always honor their guarantee.

How long has the contractor handling the project has worked for you and how experienced?

Quality spray foam applicator is a scarce item and most companies would never let their ace applicator go. In essence, if the contractor is a newbie and has worked for just a year or two, it's best to move on to another company.

What is the qualification and experience of the contractor assigned to the project?

One thing I always say is the cheapest is not always the best. More often than not, low price contractors would use cheap labor to keep the running cost as low as possible. While this may be good for conventional insulation, it is disastrous for spray foam insulation company CT.

It is not the work of an amateur, and the entire investment will go down the drain if spray foam is not precisely installed. Thus, it's important that the contractor is an expert at his job with a sizeable experience under his belt.

Does your proposal meet all code and regulatory requirements?

This question is really important when you want to spray foam on a roof system or an attic system. It is highly important you get the project code approved as your house can burn out much faster in the case of a fire breakout.

There are some requirements you would need to meet the project code to be approved like all spray foam must have a Fire retardant sprayed on top of it. This is highly important and there is no exception to this. With the project code approved, it is an additional step in protecting your house.

What type of warranty do they offer and what does it cover?

Even though there are different warranties given by different contractors for their service and the materials used. You would obviously want a company that takes full ownership of both the materials and the service and does not let you foot the bills for the mistakes committed by them or through the materials they used. It's best if you could go for a company that offers a comprehensive guarantee on labor and as well as materials.

If the spray foam insulation company or the contractor is able to give a satisfactory answer to the above questions, then you may for him.

Above are the major questions you should ask any spray foam insulation company before hiring them or better still get in touch with us if you need a spray foam insulation company in Connecticut.

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