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NipEAZE, a Company that is Devoted to Solving the Problem of Nip Burn, will Attend the 2018 Boston Marathon Expo

NipEAZE is Looking Forward to Helping Marathoners Say "Goodbye to Nip Burn" and "Hello to Boston"

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 14, 2018 / Pat Ward, the founder of NipEAZE, is pleased to announce that his company has been invited to attend the 2018 Boston Marathon Expo as one of the New Product Exhibitors.

To learn more about NipEAZE and how it can help solve the painful and common problem of nip burn, please check out

As a company spokesperson noted, the 2018 Boston Marathon Expo is a prestigious running event that welcomes top performing runners from all over the world. Because of this, it is only fitting to assemble the top performing brands for the event.

"NipEAZE is excited to participate in the upcoming expo," the spokesperson noted, adding that Ward and his team are so confident that the marathoners are going to love the innovative product, they want them to try it for free while supplies last.

"When used as directed, NipEAZE will prevent nipple burn or chafing for the entire race."

As Ward understands quite well, marathon training can be difficult enough without having to worry about painful nip chafing. Even new joggers who are working up to running one or two miles at a time can experience uncomfortable nipple abrasion.

This knowledge inspired him to create NipEAZE, and provide runners with an effective form of protection for their nips.

"As the World's First Sport Nip Cover/Concealer, our unique brand is growing strong," the spokesperson noted.

"That's because NipEAZE is an affordable, high-performance, American Made product, which can handle the toughest tests of endurance even as you sweat. Our proprietary design is made with high-quality materials not found in stores, or in unreliable home remedies like Band-Aids or duct tape."

In addition to helping runners of all levels avoid nipple chafing, NipEAZE can be used by triathletes, surfers, and other water related sports. And, it works as an effective nip concealer under tight-fitting or thin tops; ideal for both men and women.

About NipEAZE:

Founded in 2012, NipEAZE is the Original Sport Nip Cover that offers both nipple protection and concealment. Patented and proven, NipEAZE is designed for runners and active lifers of all types and endurance levels. Versatile, discreet, and long lasting, NipEAZE simply works, and it is kind to peoples' wallets. For more information, please visit


Pat Ward
(949) 555-2861