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Prophesy Releases Case Study of Kintetsu World Express, Canada

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Bloomfield, Connecticut (PRWEB) July 21, 2011

Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc. (an Accellos division), provider of trucking and logistics software solutions to the transportation industry, has released a case study of its customer Kintetsu World Express Canada. This profile focuses on Kintetsu’s happiness with Prophesy OnDemand, Prophesy’s web-based dispatch solution, and the company’s success while using the solution.

Kintetsu World Express (Canada), Inc., located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, was founded in 1969. At its founding, Kintetsu Canada predominantly handled airfreight and since has expanded to offer custom brokerage and trucking services. Kintetsu now hauls a large variety of goods including, but not limited to, consumer goods and specialized handling goods. The company employs over 300 people and serves areas including domestic Canada, trans-border and areas of Mexico. Its multiple dedicated trucking offices are located in Toronto, Ottawa, Milton, Montreal, Calgary and Halifax. It also runs a number of brokerage operations that are located at the borders of Canada and the United States. Kintetsu World Express Canada is a subsidiary of its Japanese parent company, currently the largest private railway company in Japan, which was founded in 1910 and employs over 8800 workers globally.

Before beginning the search for a new dispatching solution, Kintetsu Canada used a basic program that came along with a few concerning setbacks. The Kintetsu staff constantly experienced speed and search-ability issues within the system that they had been using and they felt that the solution offered no opportunity for growth. They knew they had to look for a web-based, user-friendly program that was easy to navigate and much faster than the previous solution. “At the time, the program that we were using was very basic and didn’t offer our company room to grow. We decided to research new solutions because we needed something that would speed up our operation and offer our customers more options. We really liked the idea of using a web-based system so we began looking at several online offerings,” explained John Fazio, Marketing Manager.

Kintetsu Canada relied on Corporate Marketing Manager John Fazio and Logistics Manager Mohamed Aziz to be decision makers in the Prophesy OnDemand subscription process. When Fazio and Aziz viewed their first demonstration of Prophesy OnDemand with Mike Januszewski, Accellos Consultant, they instantly realized that this was the program for them. “Right off the bat, we saw that Prophesy OnDemand was a very user-friendly web-based system. All of the areas of the solution seemed self-explanatory and worked together fluidly,” said Mohamed Aziz.

The pair reviewed a total of 3 solutions before settling on Prophesy OnDemand. To them, the final decision was clear. Aziz had used Prophesy OnDemand (formerly Virtual Dispatch) at a previous company and was well acquainted with the solution. “I knew how to use OnDemand because I had been introduced to it at a previous job. I knew I liked the product’s functionality and felt completely comfortable with it,” assured Aziz. Aziz knew that the system was easy to learn and had no doubts that his co-workers would speedily pick it up.

In January of 2011, Kintetsu Canada made the decision to commit to a 7-user, twelve-month Prophesy OnDemand subscription. Fazio and Aziz attended Prophesy OnDemand training sessions with Mike Januszewski via the internet and were impressed with how straightforward the system was. Along with the initial training, Mike Januszewski offered Kintetsu Canada access to various helpful video tutorials that explain different areas of the web-based solution, such as contact profiles, charges, reporting and fuel surcharges, to name a few. In addition to using Prophesy OnDemand, most recently Kintetsu Canada has subscribed to the Prophesy OnDemand Carrier version, added the PC*Miler® interface and Prophesy TaxTally fuel tax reporting module, the company also upgraded their Track and Trace subscription.

Following their training session, Kintetsu Canada has kept in close contact with Prophesy about a number of system options. “We were most recently in contact with Prophesy to discuss OnDemand’s Document Imaging feature. This feature is very important to us and was not offered in most other solutions that we looked at. We love that customers can view bills of lading with the simple click of a button,” Fazio said.

Since subscribing to Prophesy OnDemand, Kintetsu Canada has been able to easily search rates within the solution and dispatch quicker than ever before. Prophesy OnDemand has helped Kintetsu Canada increase productivity by making the company’s processes more efficient, including dispatching, document exchange and customer tracing. The staff at Kintetsu Canada thoroughly enjoys the customer tracing option. “The customer tracing option in Prophesy OnDemand is a bonus to us because it’s not something that the previous program offered and we use it constantly,” stated Fazio.

The Kintetsu Canada staff appreciates that Prophesy OnDemand is such a flexible solution that offers interactive options for their customers. “We are thrilled with Prophesy OnDemand because the web-based system makes doing business easy. Customers demand more flexibility every day and this program offers it,” Fazio said.

Aside from raving about the benefits of the web-based Prophesy OnDemand solution, those at Kintetsu Canada have only positive things to say about Mike Januszewski. Fazio explained, “Mike has been a great help through the entire process, from demonstrating the product to answering support questions. We’re very happy with our worthwhile investment in Prophesy OnDemand as well as with Mike’s knowledge and willingness to always help.”

Kintetsu Canada hopes to continue their rapid growth and stability in the future. The company also plans to expand their use of Prophesy products in the time to come. Fazio reveals, “Companies need applications like the ones supported by Prophesy to help handle growth in business. Every company needs a stable product and we plan to move forward with Prophesy solutions for this reason.”

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