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Press Release

Hustler Fitness: Get Shredded with Bitcoin Now!

From March 12 2018, Hustler Fitness will be accepting payments in cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Now Hustler Fitness clients can purchase the acclaimed Get Shredded Workout Program with universal currency, cementing Hustler Fitness as the “go-to” place for men seeking to increase fitness and change body composition.

The Shredded Workout Program from Hustler Fitness has helped thousands of men reshape their bodies. Developed by internationally-recognized online personal trainer Daniel Burford, the Shredded transformation program uses scientifically-based training protocols, diet and supplement guidance to help men "get shredded” easily. The Shredded Program is arguably the best lean muscle workout plan as it allows men to build muscle while becoming leaner, stronger and burning stomach fat at the same time. From March 12, men seeking body transformation can now achieve their fitness goals with their favorite cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

The complete details of the program Hustler Fitness provides are are explained at Simply put, the 12 week body transformation program aims to help men to build muscle, become leaner, lose fat and achieve a “lean Hollywood physique” all year round.

Why is Cryptocurrency Important for Hustler Fitness?

From Day 1, Hustler Fitness has been a global brand, servicing clients from all over the world. Since the rise of cryptocurrency, Hustler Fitness recognizes that an increasing number of clients prefer to pay in universal currency, as opposed to traditional fiat, which can involve significant transaction fees and lengthy processing times.

While traditional payment options, including credit card, Paypal & Apple Pay, are still available, Hustler Fitness founder and head Fitness Coach, Daniel Burford, believes cryptocurrency is the future.

Hustler Fitness will be accepting cryptocurrency payments for its services, including the renowned 12-Week Workout to Get Ripped program, Best Abs Workout for Men Program and its aesthetic range of “Hustler” gym wear clothing.

Why Choose Hustler Fitness Shredded Workout Program?

Daniel Burford’s 12-week Workout to Get Ripped program uses scientifically-based training protocols to increase fat loss, build muscle and become healthier. Whereas other programs only provide theory, Daniel Burford provides exact “Shredded workouts” in the program, meaning clients know the exact exercises, sets, repetitions, rest time, tempo and more to achieve their fitness goals.

Combining this with general nutritional guidelines and supplementation advice in order to “get shredded” means that the Shredded Workout Program is one of the best programs for men seeking to increase fitness levels and change body composition.

South Australia-based Hustler Fitness is leading the way in adapting their business for an everchanging global audience. In addition to the Shredded Program, from March 12, clients are now able to purchase aesthetic gym wear and other popular fitness guides, including the Best Abs Workout for Men program, with cryptocurrency.

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Company Name: Hustler Fitness
Contact Person: Daniel Burford
Phone: +61 450 911 089
Country: Australia

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