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Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Discusses How Customer Portfolios Revolutionizes The Marketing Experience

Los Angeles, CA - March 6, 2018 - Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Chief Executive Officer, Augie MacCurrach and Executive Vice President and Co-Founder Nick Godfrey of Customer Portfolios to discuss how they're helping businesses to learn who their customers are and how they interact with their brand.

MacCurrach and Godfrey outlined how an unbroken customer experience with concise messaging delivered across emails, ads, in outlets, and other elements helps to build better and stronger customer relationships. The tactic is the result of Customer Portfolios' adaptability in an increasingly technologically advanced market.

"In the last decade, we've seen an explosion in all this new digital technology, adtech as we call it versus martech," says MacCurrach. "As a result a lot of this technology is point solutions, which means that they are dealing with one channel or one touch point at a time, so while we are consolidating the view of the customer our campaigns, programs, offers, and treatments have become distributed all across this network that faces the customer."

Customer Portfolios is capable of addressing these issues by working through big data to identify what is really relevant about customers and their behaviors through analytics and then to identify the strategies that should be put in place to engage with customers, keep them focused on the brand, and move them through the lifecycle. All this plays a role in keeping the customer happy, growing the brand, and growing the business in the long run.

"Customer Portfolios is a great example of a business that has proactively adapted to new technology by organizing data into more actionable formats that service brands and their customers better," says JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business. "For their innovative approach to the marketing industry we are pleased to welcome them on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®."

For more information about Customer Portfolios, visit and tune in to Fox Business Network as sponsored content on Sunday, March 11, 2018 at 5:00pm EST and Bloomberg International at 7:00am GMT, 10:00am D.F. and 3:00pm HKT.

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