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Press Release Releases Million Dollar Success Story with Tips on Marketing Products on as Amazon Releases Training to Help Sellers Utilize Sponsored Product Ads recently published an interview with Kirsty Verity, multimillion-dollar, international Amazon business owner who took the company’s Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) course to learn the steps for starting an Amazon business. Kirsty shares tips for starting and running a successful Amazon business, how she stays focused on her goals, and how she used other Amazon seller success stories as an inspiration for her own growth and success plan. During the interview, Kirsty shares tips for leveraging sponsored advertisements just as the Amazon’s Seller Education YouTube channel released a video with additional tips for improving sponsored ad use.

Amazon’s Seller Education YouTube channel released a video providing sponsored ads tips on how to improve Advertising Cost of Sale, the total percentage of sales spent on advertising. Amazon has provided efficient ways to ensure sellers do not have to wait until they have reviews to begin leveraging sponsored advertisements. Amazon’s Seller Education video shares specific tips for improving advertising cost of sales, such as accessing Amazon’s Campaign Performance report and analyzing where to reduce or increase bids based on average cost per click and keywords.

In’s interview with successful Amazon seller Kirsty Verity, Kirsty shares how she once felt stuck at her corporate job and decided to make a change. Throughout the interview she encourages others to stay focused on themselves, their goals, and their own unique journey. Kirsty dived into how she remained within her comfort level regarding how much she originally invested into selling on Amazon. She relayed the Amazing Seller Machine course eased her nerves and gave her the knowledge she needed to create her Amazon empire. In Kirsty’s interview she recommends waiting to use sponsored ads on Amazon until you have at least three reviews in the U.S. market, due to the cost of advertising on Amazon. Kirsty also reveals tips for building a brand, focusing on return on investment, and finding the perfect work/life balance.

Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Originally a small online bookstore operated out of Bezos’ garage, the company has now grown into a multi-billion-dollar company. Amazon has a wide variety of offerings, including everything from household goods, clothing, and snacks to apps, music, movies, and TV. Recognizing the increasing number of sellers accessing their platform and their need for information, Amazon created their Amazon Seller Education YouTube channel which provides basic tutorials on how to use their website as a seller.

The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) training course gives Amazon sellers a competitive edge to their Amazon business performance. The course takes Amazon sellers step-by-step through the phases of creating and establishing an Amazon business. The 8-module program assists those with no prior experience selling on Amazon and provides the tools they’ll need to start their own Amazon business from the ground up. is located in Austin, Texas and was co-founded by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark., Inc. trains entrepreneurs on how to start and run a successful private label business, utilizing the Amazon e-commerce platform. The company works to help motivated people obtain financial freedom through selling physical products on Amazon.


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